William Shatner Owns a 360-Acre Horse Ranch in Kentucky

william shatner horse ranch

William Shatner may have gone to the ends of the Earth and beyond in Star Trek but when it comes to horses, the 88-year-old actor hasn’t left his home state of Kentucky behind. The former captain of the famed space ship has a 360-acre ranch in the heart of horse country and has competed in horse shows. He has also written a book on the subject.

Shatner first climbed onto the back of a horse more than seven decades ago and found an instant connection to these magnificent animals. He has continued to ride throughout the years and has seen how much they can heal people. His passion for the animal has led him to create and spearhead the Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

In the spring of this year, Shatner was in California for the 23rd event, which is designed to showcase the work of therapy ranches that use horses to help people with physical and mental disabilities. He and his wife Elizabeth have also been touring Israel, where they’ve visited riding centers that provide equine therapy to children and adults.

During the course of their marriage, Shatner and Elizabeth raised several horses together. The couple split their assets in a 2020 divorce settlement, with William getting the Versailles, Kentucky ranch and a 2015 Mercedes-Benz SUV as well as three of the couple’s dogs. Elizabeth will keep the Malibu Cove, California homes and their Versailles farm, as well as their three Rivers Ranch horses and “all horse semen.”

The pair owned a number of American Saddlebreds at the time of the divorce. They named their property Belle Reve Farm (from the French beau reve, meaning beautiful dream) and raised horses such as Call Me Ringo, Revival, Sultan’s Great Day and Came the Son. After Shatner’s divorce from Elizabeth, he sold the Shannon Run Road farm to a new owner but kept the name and moved the horses to another property he owns in Woodford County called Diamond View.

Shatner is an avid equestrian and has won many awards for his performances in western pleasure, which involves sitting astride two horses while competing in a series of maneuvers. He has also competed in reining, which is an event that involves directing a horse as it performs a series of tricks. During the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, Shatner and Elizabeth have been known to enter the arena on horseback for an impressive display of horsemanship. The duo have even performed Roman style, which means standing astride two of the animals at once. This is one of the most prestigious events in the world and it is held every year at the Los Angeles Equine Center. The winner is awarded the William Shatner Perpetual Trophy. Each year, riders from all over the United States qualify for this coveted prize by demonstrating their riding skills in regional competitions before they’re invited to participate in the national finals. The event has become a must-attend for equestrians and fans of the actor.