What’s the Biggest Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2?

RDR2 players’ horse choices can make an important impactful statement about how they approach the game. More than simply transportation solutions, horses provide a faster travel time and increased chances of survival during dangerous encounters.

Rose Grey Bay Arabian horses provide outstanding stats once fully bonded, making them one of the top choices in RDR2. Purchase one either through Chapter 6 or Epilogue for optimal performance.


RDR2 makes your choice of horse matter greatly in how you experience the game. Selecting an agile, strong and capable mount is essential as various scenarios may arise during playback; therefore choosing wisely.

Brumas is one of the largest horses in Ambarino and can be found roaming freely around Lake Isabelle. An elite warhorse, it features superior health and stamina while possessing slower acceleration compared to other breeds.

The Arabian is an exceptional warhorse and makes an excellent choice if you need something reliable that won’t spook easily. Furthermore, these horses boast superior stamina and speed ratings to suit long rides with ease.

Perlino Andalusian

The Perlino Andalusian is an extremely powerful war horse available for purchase within the game. Boasting high Health and Stamina while possessing lower Speed and Acceleration ratings, this courageous warhorse comes equipped with either Dark Bay or Rose Gray coat colors – you can purchase one easily through stables.

Perlinos can be distinguished from Buckskins by having two creme genes while buckskins only possess one; this means Perlinos have pink skin due to double pigment dilution which makes them more vulnerable to sunburn and other skin problems than Buckskins.

Perlino Andalusian horses make an excellent choice for Arthur despite their flaws. With superior class horses that won’t spook easily during gunfights or predator encounters, such as gunfire. Unfortunately though, their price can make a full bonded horse more costly.


The Dutch Warmblood is an exceptional work horse, offering a balance between health, stamina, speed and acceleration that makes them suitable for racing but may be less suitable as racehorses. After chapter two is over you can purchase this breed at Valentine Stable.

If you’re searching for an all-purpose horse that can serve both combat and chasing purposes, the White Arabian could be the ideal solution. Though slower than other war horses, its health and stamina make this an excellent choice – and can even be found at Van Horn Trading Post after chapter two!

The Mustang is an all-purpose horse, available both in the wild and various stables across the map. It is known for its fast acceleration and outstanding health and stamina; you can purchase this horse at either Strawberry Stable or Scarlet Meadows Stable after chapter three.

Reverse Dapple Roan Nokota

Reverse Dapple Roan Nokota horses are one of the finest horses available in RDR2. Boasting excellent health and stamina, this breed can easily handle long rides. Additionally, their gentle handling makes them excellent workhorses; these horses can often be found near Armadillo in New Austin, and Fort Mercer nearby.

Saint Denis Stable offers this horse for sale at $450. Although expensive, its quality performance far outweighs its high cost – featuring speed and acceleration as well as handling that fosters greater reactivity and agility.

Reverse Dapple Roan Nokotas stand out from other Nokotas due to their unique coat. Each type provides its own advantages and boosts, with Reverse Dapple Roans boasting superior speed and acceleration over other coats. As such, this horse makes for an impressive long trip companion – though players may need patience before getting their hands on one! Unfortunately they’re not easy to come by; players might take some time before acquiring one themselves!


Red Dead Redemption 2’s Turkoman horse is one of the largest horses available, featuring multiclass capabilities like war and work horse stats as well as high health, speed and stamina levels for optimal use in any scenario. As such, they make for an excellent all-purpose option suitable for almost every scenario in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Similar to Arabian horses, Haflingers are warhorses built for battle. Additionally, their wide bodies help dissipate heat more effectively while simultaneously keeping their heads up when faced with potential predators.

Strawberry Stables provides three coat variations that you can find in the wild and purchase after chapter 2, providing a great option if you want a fast, durable horse to take on any situation in the game. This horse makes an excellent companion when looking to advance.

Amber Champagne Missouri Fox Trotter

The Amber Champagne Missouri Fox Trotter is one of the largest horses available for purchase in RDR2, featuring outstanding stamina and acceleration for multi-class competition. Additionally, its sturdy construction makes it ideal for work horses as it can carry loads with ease. A Silver Dapple Pinto Missouri Fox Trotter may also be found for purchase; however it comes at a cost of $950.

Contrary to work horses, this breed isn’t easily startled and can be calmed using the LT/L2/M2 button; however, they could still become startled if a predator shouts or roars suddenly.

Scarlet Meadows Stable in Lemoyne features this rare horse, which can be tamed using the stolen carriage exploit. First, players must find a small wagon and use its driver as bait before firing gunshots from an adjacent wagon before riding back to Scarlet Meadows Stable to purchase this expensive but powerful animal for $950 – yet another of the game’s more costly horses that offer huge advantages over others!

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