What Type of Horse is Spirit?

Spirit, an exquisite wild mustang stallion who enjoys running free and protecting his herd from predators, is a natural leader and often seen guarding them against danger. One night when he sees a campfire far off in the distance he goes investigating only to discover a group of soldiers planning to brand and break his herd apart.

Spirit is a mustang

Spirit is an exquisite mustang stallion who leads the Cimarron herd. Refusing to be broken by soldiers, he battles tirelessly on behalf of his herd. In this movie, Spirit’s story unfolds during American Indian Wars when he is captured by United States Cavalry forces before Little Creek rescues him during American Indian Wars and brings him back home safely despite his fears. Spirit finds comfort with Rain a sorrel tovero paint mare who also leads their herd.

The movie was shot at various locations across Arizona and Utah, such as Monument Valley and Grand Canyon. Spirit leads a herd of horses based on those found at Applegate Mustang Rescue Ranch in Oregon where its mother Sierra is a brown and white paint Mustang while Strider is a black stallion; Strider himself features in the film as one of his characters who possess two copies of cream gene.

The animators for Return to Freedom spent considerable time studying horses to gain a greater understanding of their movements and behavior, in order to create an equine character as similar as possible to reality. Spirit was selected as the lead due to his appearance and personality – now living at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary where visitors interact with him regularly – as an ambassador for wild horses worldwide, inspiring people across all cultures to take steps toward protecting their habitats and freedom.

Spirit is a stallion

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron producers wanted their animated movie to be more realistic than other animated flicks, so animators took inspiration from a real Kiger Mustang stallion named Spirit to recreate his character on screen. Spirit’s beauty and movement provided animators with plenty of material for them.

The movie depicts the adventures of a herd of wild horses led by Spirit. Refusing to surrender, Spirit proves defiant against cavalry soldiers’ attempts at capture and was only saved after Little Creek from Lakota found him and introduced his horse Rain, thus forcing Spirit to decide between joining the tribe or returning home.

Spirit can be seen drinking water by licking it; in reality, horses drink their water by sucking. He even sucked up some of the snow during winter scenes to prevent melting it all away.

DreamWorks was inspired to select Return to Freedom as Spirit’s home following the movie release and has chosen it ever since as his permanent sanctuary. RTF provides an ideal environment for proper care of Spirit as he enjoys proper handling and attention from his handler. Furthermore, this sanctuary serves as an important ambassador for America’s wild horses which represent freedom in America while playing an essential part in history and culture; The movie and series has introduced children as well as adults alike to these remarkable animals.

Spirit is a horse breed

Spirit, the Kiger mustang stallion from DreamWorks film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is well known to viewers of both children and adults around the world and has provided them with a connection to wild horses – this particular horse being real life Mustang named Spirit living at Return to Freedom sanctuary!

Spirit, in real life, is a dun mustang with black mane and tail; he also features a dark stripe running down his back as well as zebra markings on his legs. Although Spirit appears wild at first glance, he loves interacting with humans and acting as an ambassador for wild horses; helping educate the public on why their protection and preservation should be prioritized.

While the herd featured in the movie is fictional, Spirit’s herd in real life consists of mustangs who reside at Return to Freedom facility and is led by Rain, a sorrel tovero paint mare who shares herdmate status with Spirit; both horses share an inextricably close bond that only close companionship can offer.

Rain, an iconic Mustang who has become a charismatic ambassador of her breed. She enjoys socializing with both adults and children of all ages; whether through individual visits or outreach events she draws large crowds to the ranch.

Spirit is a wild horse

Spirit is a wild horse who has found his place amongst the Lakota tribe. As a stallion, he and Rain share an indelible bond and can communicate even from great distances apart – they share an affinity for freedom!

The movie follows the true tale of Spirit, an actual Kiger mustang stallion who was rescued from an American wild horse sanctuary by Lakota man Little Creek and his family. Since then he has become an inspiring ambassador for wild horses across America through his work inspiring people to protect them.

At first, Spirit was anxious and untrusting of Rain; but over time he came to trust her, learning how to be more patient and gentle. They eventually fell in love and had a son together whom they named Spirit Jr.

Spirit isn’t technically a mustang, but his charismatic presence draws large crowds to his sanctuary home and stands as an ambassador for America’s wild mustang herds. He often educates youth about wild horse preservation issues and encourages them to make a difference – something for which he was honored with induction into Horse Stars Hall of Fame 2018. Spirit remains an inspiration to many today!

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