What is the Biggest Draft Horse?

Large breed horses have earned themselves a reputation as versatile and powerful animals, capable of serving various purposes like parades and pulling carriages.

One of the most renowned draft horses is the Clydesdale, featured prominently in Budweiser commercials. There are other impressive horse breeds with huge statures that also stand out.


There are certain horse breeds that stand out amongst their many peers due to their immense height and weight, making them distinctive in the horse breeding world. Reputable for their strength and stamina, large horses like this one are prized agricultural tools; additionally they’re often employed in competitive driving or riding events.

Sampson (known by many as Mammoth), born in 1846 and known for over 200 years as one of the greatest horses ever produced was widely considered to be the biggest. Standing 21.2-hands at 2.19m (7 feet 2.5 in), and weighing in at 3,360 pounds he could outweigh several small cars!

Sampson was an impressive beast but also kind and had an even-tempered disposition. At Mile High Vaulters, his steady temperament allowed him to teach children how to vault with ease; even the youngest members could climb onto him with ease due to his inherent sense of patience and calm.

Big Jake

Belgian draft horses are known for their strength and large stature, yet Big Jake took that concept one step further. His massive presence has captured people of all ages worldwide and become a source of inspiration. His peaceful disposition makes him a crowd pleaser at events.

Big Jake was the offspring of two average-sized Belgian horses and boasted an astounding birth weight of 240 pounds at birth. Already more than 20 hands tall when foaling began, he became the world’s tallest foal at that point.

Skeptics of Big Jake often doubt his existence; yet many sightings have occurred and no concrete physical proof can be provided of his presence. Believers in Big Jake often present blurry photographs or videos purporting to show glimpses of this giant beast, while skeptics believe these are not sufficient as conclusive proof of its existence.

King LeGear

Shire horses are among the largest horses ever recorded; Sampson (commonly referred to as Mammoth) stands 22 hands and weighs over 3,300 pounds – both impressive figures in themselves!

Clydesdale horses are popular choices for harness racing and parades. Typically standing between 18-21 hands in height and weighing up to 2,950 pounds, these majestic horses can make quite the statement when out and about.

Percheron horses are an enduring French breed that have long been utilized for farming and other heavy work, pulling carriages and carts alike. Unfortunately, however, they’re susceptible to an inherited disease called Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy that damages muscles quickly if used for such jobs; so it’s wise to be aware of this risk should you use your draft horses for these tasks despite their enormous size; these gentle creatures are extremely easy to train.


Goliath from the Bible was an imposing figure who stood over six feet. He may have belonged to a race known as Nephilim – descendants of God with human wives (Genesis 6:1-4).

Horse height is measured in “hands,” where one hand equals approximately four inches. An area veterinarian measured the five-year old shire gelding at 19 hands and 1 inch (six feet and 5 inches at its withers).

Goliath was used to pull some of the heaviest steam pumpers and ladder wagons for Baltimore’s fire department, participating in parades and public events as well as receiving permanent care at their veterinary hospital after suffering injuries in a fire. A resolution passed by Baltimore city council also ensured Goliath wouldn’t be sold off to any potential hucksters or heavy teamster.


Percheron draft horses have long been favorites among American farmers and teamster teaming their large stagecoaches through city streets. More recently, this breed has also become increasingly popular as sport horses for dressage, eventing, hunting and pleasure riding purposes.

Originating from France’s La Perche region, the Percheron boasts Arabian blood in its ancient lineage, lending it a more refined head and minimal leg feathering compared to other draft horses.

Percheron horses are intelligent and versatile horses, easily trainingable with handlers to perform various tasks and popular choice for parades, shows and driving duties. Unfortunately, as with other large horses, Percherons are susceptible to chronic progressive lymphedema (CPLL) which leads to fluid retention in their lower legs and can affect performance significantly.


Guinness no longer recognizes the world’s heaviest animals due to concerns regarding animal health; however, they continue to keep records for some of the tallest and shortest creatures on Earth–including horses. Radar lives at Priefert Ranch in Mount Pleasant Texas and holds the 2006 Guinness record as being the tallest draft horse worldwide at 19 hands 3 1/2 inches; measured from his withers (highest point on back).

Radar belongs to Norm Pearson, who purchased him at auction from an Amish farm. Pearson describes Radar as being even-tempered and well-behaved despite having been used on an Amish farm with multiple implements attached to him during its previous ownership.

Radar consumes 18 pounds of grain, 40 pounds of hay and 20 gallons of water each day. According to Pearson, high-quality hay is vital in optimizing his giant friend’s growth and health.

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