Using a Horse Coat Color Simulator Tool in Minecraft

horse coat color simulator tool

If you want to add a horse to your Minecraft world but don’t have the color you are looking for, you can use a horse coat color simulator tool. These tools allow you to select a specific color and then the program will tell you what the probability is that your offspring will have that color as well. These are not foolproof, as the probability depends on a lot of factors, but they will give you a good idea. However, it is important to always remember that breeding horses is a complicated process and these calculators are meant for general information only.

There are a few different horse color calculators available online but Avian’s Coat Color Calculator seems to be the most reliable one. The first page will ask for the sire and dam colors, and once you input these you will be directed towards a more detailed page. Here you will need to select the color details of the offspring’s eyes, chestnuts and toes as well as their pattern. Once you have these entered click ‘Continue’.

Once you have the results it will take a few seconds to load up, once it does you will be presented with all of the colors and their probability percentages. It is important to note that these are merely estimates and that not all combinations are possible, but they will give you an indication of what the odds of your horse having that particular color is.

Whether or not your horse will look good with certain colors is entirely dependent on the shade of its coat, what type of highlight it has and its overall color. For example, a bay horse that veers toward the cool side of the color wheel will look best with blues and greens. If it veers toward the warm side then earth tones with bright accents will work better.

For a chestnut, the best choice is rich purples and blues, and for a golden reddish brown horse you can go with pinks, yellows or even oranges. It is also good to remember that neutrals can be used with any horse as they are basically earth tones.

The final thing to remember is that while you can summon horses with the /summon command in Minecraft, you won’t be able to ride them until you have tamed them and saddled them. This can be done by setting the Owner UUID (a player’s special id given by Mojang) and a saddleitem for the creature. Once this is set you can then enter the command /summon horse and it will spawn the animal in game. This will be a passive mob, but you can still rename it and give it a name tag in the same manner as any other mob.