The World’s Largest Horse Goliath

Goliath was an 18-hand withered horse that weighed 2,500 pounds owned by Priefert Manufacturing that used for promotional wagon pulls at various fairs, rodeos and parades across the US.

Baltimore City Council passed a resolution that prevented Goliath from being sold to a glue factory and gave him a home at Northcote Heavy Horse Centre, Spilsby, Lincolnshire.


Draft breeds, which are known for their strength and size, are among the largest horses available today. Bred for their strength and size, draft horses are commonly used to pull heavy loads such as wagons and carriages; among their ranks can be found Clydesdale, Shire, and Belgian breeds that make up some of these largest draft species. Their height can be measured in hands; each hand equaling approximately four inches on their back. Withers (the highest point on a horse’s back) must also be taken into consideration.

Goliath was one of the tallest horses ever recorded, standing an astounding 18 hands at its shoulder. Traveling as part of a show horse team across America, he was often featured at parades and rodeos as a popular attraction – but his life wasn’t easy: as well-trained animals can often become difficult to manage due to their sheer size; Goliath also dealt with arthritis and rheumatism issues in his joints.

Big Jake, a Belgian draft horse, currently holds the record as the world’s largest living horse. Standing 20 hands or 80 inches and weighing over 2,600 pounds, Big Jake commands attention wherever he goes and his owner says that it loves meeting people and posing for pictures. Although still participating in draft horse competitions, Big Jake spends most of his time at home with his owners.


Sampson was an incredible horse that stood 21 hands high and weighed over 3,000 pounds – an unparalleled stallion that will forever live on in Guinness Book of Records. Unfortunately he is no longer with us but his legacy will live on.

Goliath the Percheron draft horse stands 19.1 hands and weighs in excess of 2,500 pounds. As part of Priefert Manufacturing’s team that pulls a wagon each year and makes numerous promotional appearances each year, this magnificent animal serves as the star attraction.

The Percheron breed of horse was specifically created for pulling heavy loads such as wagons. As such, they tend to be large and sturdy horses who often surpass most others in height.

Prior to Big Jake, the world’s largest living horse goliath was an elegant Belgian draft named King LeGear. Standing 20 hands high and weighing 2,950 pounds, King LeGear was an unforgettable giant who attracted crowds wherever he went; particularly renowned was his appearance during Baltimore Jubilee Week parade where he led 1400 firemen past City Hall as cheers from a huge audience came his way.


Goliath, a Shire horse, stands 86 inches at 1,500 kg and is beloved by children at parades. Regularly featured in the Guinness Book of Records and appearing on several television programs.

Goliather herons are aquatic birds, even by heron standards. Rarely found far from bodies of water, Goliatherons tend to prefer flying along wetland edges rather than over land. Goliatherons commonly inhabit lowland wetlands and swamps but can occasionally be spotted in river deltas.

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These large amphibians can be found throughout Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea rainforests, particularly fast-flowing rivers and streams. Ranging in color from green to dark brown and with feet large enough to grip riverbed rocks securely. The Goliath Bird-Eater can grow to over 30cm long.


Goliath, the world’s largest horse, has long caused havoc wherever he goes. At Priefert Ranch in Mount Pleasant, Texas – where Goliath stands 19-point one hands at his withers and weighs 2,400 pounds – Goliath reigns supreme as former Guinness Record Holder tallest horse Goliath is resident – it makes quite a statement about his presence and presence.

The powerful giant is also an accomplished athlete, taking part in the Grand National Steeplechase. He can jump more than 30 feet, with an estimated heart girth of 10ft 2 in (3.10m).

Goliath may have found his greatest triumph during the Baltimore fire of 1906 when hitched to a hose wagon and pulled on by firemen to protect him against falling brick, wood, and glass debris that threatened to topple over. If not for his vigilant monitoring of the tower’s tower itself, the entire structure would have collapsed beneath firefighters and horses alike.

Radar, owned by Bob Hedmark and aged 10, is now competing to be world’s largest horse. Standing 20-point-one hands high (approximately 6′ 7″ at its withers), and weighing 2,600 pounds. Making 100 to 150 promotional appearances per year and traveling over 40,000 miles on his custom trailer he is a beloved fixture at Indianapolis National Belgium Show where he competes for Guinness World Record Tallest Horse competitions.

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