The Tallest Horse in the World

Big Jake had long been considered the tallest horse in existence. A beloved giant who died at only 20 years old.

Goliath was a famous Percheron gelding who became a favorite attraction at fairs across America. Standing 20.5 hands high and weighing in at over 2,500 pounds, he was known as an immense attraction that could not fail to impress visitors.

The Brooklyn Supreme was an extraordinary Belgian Draft that dwarfed other dogs of his breed in height.

1. Big Jake

Big Jake was a Belgian draft horse certified as world’s tallest living by Guinness World Records as of 2010. At 6 feet 9 inches at his withers and weighing roughly 2,500 pounds, Big Jake lived at Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette Wisconsin with owner Jerry Gilbert and his family, where they say he made for an excellent companion and often enjoyed meeting people – often at appearances – such as Ronald McDonald fundraisers he participated in with them. They said Big Jake consumed one bale of hay per day plus 24 quarts of grain per day in total!

Farm officials applied to Guinness World Records in order to document Big Jake’s height. To do so successfully, they followed its stringent regulations. Big Jake held this title from 2010 until his passing in 2021.

Poynette residents mourn his passing with great sorrow; those who knew him will miss his presence greatly. According to his owners, he may now be with Brooklyn Supreme who holds the record weight at 3,200 pounds; both horses were Belgian draft horses that lived from 1928 through 1948 in Minnesota.

2. King Buck

This Belgian draft horse stands as tall as a full-sized car and can carry up to 3,126 pounds at one go! At 19.3 hands high – nearly six feet! – and capable of supporting loads up to 3,126 lbs, this massive beast lives at Hershberger Farm and Bakery in Millersburg, Ohio where it welcomes visitors.

On average, horses live between 25 to 30 years. But there have been some incredible examples of horses outliving this average lifespan; one such horse was Shayne a Chestnut Gelding who lived to 51! Here is his remarkable tale.

Though Sampson/Mammoth remains one of the most famous whitetails ever, several runners-up should also be recognized. One such is King Buck from Nilo Kennels. Although an older dog, King Buck consistently won field trials against younger dogs and established champions; finishing ten series out of eleven for National Championship Stake.

Sampson was another legendary whitetail hunter’s favorite whitetail deer; unfortunately, King Buck’s deer passed away young in 2010. We can only hope that one day, its antlers may make an appearance in Boone and Crockett record books!

3. Sampson

Sampson was an impressive Shire horse of its era, famed for being tallest and heaviest at its time. Sampson rose to prominence during the Revolutionary War when, disguised as Shurtleff to join the fourth Massachusetts Regiment and join battle skirmishes despite suffering wounds; she refused medical care out of fear that her true identity would be discovered.

Sampson was, at one time, the largest horse ever. Reported to have stood over 22 hands high (approximately 6ft 8inches), Sampson weighed 3,360 pounds! Many speculate that his immense size may have been caused by eating excessive quantities of oats and barley as a youngster and being castrated soon after, which may have furthered his growth.

Sampson was such an astounding sight that many visitors came from far and wide to witness his extraordinary size, making him a popular attraction at both the 1904 World’s Fair in St Louis and Coney Island’s Luna Park. Even though other horses may surpass him in size over time, Sampson will likely always remain known as the world’s biggest horse; aside from being tall he was strong and athletic enough to run and jump without difficulty for an animal his size.

4. Remington

Remington gunmaker has been creating firearms for more than 200 years, developing or adopting more cartridges than any other gunmaker, selling its guns in over 55 countries, and remaining America’s oldest gun maker as well as being its leading US producer of shotguns and rifles.

The company’s rich heritage can be seen in its expansive facility that manufactures guns. If you visited its Ilion plant, you would detect wood smoke and gear grease smells while old lathes clung tightly against corners while linoleum floors sparkled under high intensity industrial lighting.

Careful inspection may reveal some modern computers and CNC milling units tucked amongst these time capsules of America’s West.

Remington factory was one of the largest factories in the world during its peak production days; producing over 8,000 rifles and shotguns daily and being the sole American producer to offer an entire military rifles and machine gun range.

Jerry Gilbert has always been fascinated with horses featured in the Guinness Book of World Records and Big Jake is no different – always receiving praise from visitors who visit his farm and demanding special attention when visitors arrive. Big Jake especially likes being scratched behind the ears or scratched on his belly for more attention from visitors!






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