The Tallest Horse Ever Recorded

Horses are majestic animals used for many different tasks. Some of the most impressive horse breeds include those that reach immense sizes; some can even outweigh cars!

One of the largest horses ever recorded was Sampson (commonly referred to as Mammoth). Standing 21 hands and weighing an astonishing 3,360 pounds, this massive animal made history.

Sampson (Mammoth)

Draft horses stand out among the many breeds of horse, known for their enormous height and impressive weight. Also referred to as heavy draft horses, they’re frequently employed in heavy work such as pulling wagons and plowing fields – their immense size lends them an irresistibly majestic charm that has long been immortalised in mythology and literature alike.

Sampson, born as a Shire horse gelding in 1846 and living until four years of age, holds the record as both tallest and heaviest horse ever recorded. By then he stood 21.5 hands (7ft 2 in). Sampson weighed an astounding 3,360 lbs at four years old – which would weigh more than some small cars do today!

Sampson was castrated when he was one year old, which may have contributed to his rapid development. Garden & Gun Magazine reports that an average-height woman could only reach Sampson’s wither with her fingertips; likely due to geldings’ growth plates remaining open longer following castration.


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Goliath was an 19 hand, 3 1/2 inch Percheron draft horse gelding owned by Priefert Ranch and held the Guinness World Record from 2006-2009.

Big Jake, a Belgian draft horse standing 20 hands high and holding onto his current record since 1987. Now retired from competition and living happily at his farm home with other horses, he remains one of the oldest living record-holders.

The Brabant horse breed can reach up to 3,000 pounds and features chestnut or sorrel hues with white markings and feathered legs, often decorated with feathering on their legs for light feathering. Ideal for cold climates and often used as workhorses. Also renowned for their endurance and agility; running faster and jumping higher than humans alike!

Big Jake

Big Jake was a Belgian draft horse certified as the tallest living horse in 2010. He measured 6 feet 10-and-3/4 inches from hooves to shoulders and weighed approximately 2,500 pounds, according to owner Jerry Gilbert from Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette, Wisconsin. According to Gilbert’s account of Big Jake’s character he was known as an extremely gentle giant who enjoyed life to its fullest.

Gilbert acquired Big Jake as a foal from a relative and brought him to Smokey Hollow Farm. Big Jake competed in draft horse competitions while also drawing crowds at farm events and other appearances. He enjoyed two full buckets of grain daily plus an entire bale of hay each day in a 20×20 foot stall – about twice the size of what would typically be found with draft horses.

WMTV reported that when Big Jake died at 20 in June 2021, his owners paid their respects. They described how important Big Jake was in their family and mourned his departure; plans include keeping his stall empty as well as placing a memorial brick with his name and picture outside.


Horses are famed for their speed or jumping prowess, but they also hold world records for being both the smallest and tallest horses in existence. Thumbelina stands 17 inches to the hand and weighs 65 lbs – holding onto her Guinness World Record since 2006. Thumbelina belongs to Kay and Paul Goessling at Goose Creek Farm in St Louis Missouri where she currently resides.

Big Jake was born a year after Thumbelina but unlike her, doesn’t compete in draft horse shows; instead he prefers greeting fans at events across the country and serving as an ambassador for horses while providing inspiration and education to young children. According to his owners, Big Jake serves as a gentle giant who serves as an inspirational role model.

Hans Christian Andersen popularized the story of Thumbelina with his fairytale, drawing inspiration from six-inch Lilliputians from Gulliver’s Travels and Tom Thumb stories from the Bible. Unsurprisingly, Thumbelina inspires dreams and creates feelings of wonder among her fans.

Einstein Horse

Einstein Horse was born in Barnstead, New Hampshire on April 22nd 2010. Weighing just six pounds and no taller than a box of cereal, Einstein Horse quickly made waves as a miniature pinto foal! Already, his fame spread rapidly through television shows, books written about him, social media influencer status and more!

Thumbelina may hold the record, but her diminutive competitor has an impressive racing career of her own, winning races on multiple tracks surfaces and setting off alarm bells in Guinness Book of World Records.

Einstein is sired by Spend a Buck and out of Ghadeer mare Gay Charm. His breeder describes him as being a chestnut color with flaxen mane and tail; Helen Pitts trains him and has raced him at Arlington Park, Churchill Downs, Del Mar Gulfstream Park Keeneland Santa Anita Park among other events.

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