The Samshield Show Jacket Size Chart

The samshield show jacket size chart is one of the most important aspects of purchasing your new Samshield helmet. The correct helmet size is essential for your safety while riding, and for a comfortable fit that will not pinch or slide down. To find the right helmet size, start by measuring your head with a soft fabric tape, or even better, ask someone to help you. Measure the widest part of your head, which is generally around one to two fingers width above your eyebrows.

Once you have the head measurement, you will need to compare it to Samshield’s helmet size chart to ensure that you are getting the perfect fit. The size chart is located on both the Samshield and Equishop websites. Once you have found your correct helmet size, it is important to try on the helmet before purchasing it. This will allow you to see if the brim sits comfortably on your head and does not touch your ears or nose.

Riding helmets are available in several different shapes and styles, allowing riders to choose the model that best suits their discipline. For example, the Samshield Shadowmatt helmet is made of anti-scratch polycarbonate and can be worn for jumping or dressage. The Miss Shield helmet, meanwhile, is a wide-brimmed model with a customizable frontal band that allows women to tuck in their hair, and the Premium liner has a suede Alcantara exterior for an upscale look.

Another consideration when determining the correct helmet size is deciding on what length you want. Some brands, like Ariat and RJ Classics, use the modern US sizing system, while others, such as Animo and Equiline, follow the Italian (IT) or German (DE) size system. The IT sizes typically convert into a US sizing, but the DE sizes can be a little confusing for those who are not familiar with this type of sizing.

The Florida show jacket combines the highest level of technology and style, including high stretch and breathable fabric for ultimate comfort during competition. The stylish design features Swarovski crystals and genuine Alcantara piping, as well as the Samshield signature logo coat of arms on the cuff. This show coat is easy to maintain, machine washable at 30°C and has been manufactured with EPD certification for environmental awareness.

In addition to being the most popular samshield show jacket for women, the Victorine is also a great choice for men. Its elegant, tailored silhouette creates a flattering figure, while the embroidered Samshield buttons and Swarovski crystal cuffs add a touch of glamor. Designed with elegance and fashion in mind, the Victorine is the ideal competition coat for any rider.