The Parts of a Horse’s Tack

parts of a horses tack

There is a lot that goes into making up a horse’s tack, which is the general term for all of the equipment used in riding. From saddles to bridles, there are many pieces that must come together to make your horse ready for you to mount up and ride away into the sunset. Tacking up a horse is one of the first things that you must learn to do properly, and there are some common steps that should always be taken to make it easier on both you and your equine partner.

Before you get started, always have all of your tack laid out and ready to go. This makes tacking up your horse much faster and easier, so you can get out there and start riding! It is also important to let your horse smell each piece of tack that you are about to put on them, so they can become familiar with it. This will help to prevent any surprises when it comes time to put on the saddle! Additionally, it is important to never kneel down or sit next to a horse while you are tacking them up, as they can easily kick and step on you. Always crouch down, or at the very least stand, as you place the different items on your horse.

Generally, there are four main parts to a horse’s bridle: the head piece, brow band, throat latch and nose band. All of these work in conjunction with the bit to communicate with a horse when they are being ridden.

A head piece, or crown piece, is the part that holds the bridle on the horse’s head. It can be either a straight crown piece or a molded/curved one that sits comfortably against the ears. A molded crown piece is great for horses and ponies that are particularly sensitive about their ears, as it won’t cut into them.

The brow band is the part that goes over a horse’s forehead, and it helps to keep the crown piece and the bridle in the correct position. It is made out of a wide strap of leather, and it should be fit to sit across the top of the forehead in a position that does not cut into or irritate the ears.

Finally, the throat latch is a small piece of metal that connects the nose band and the throat lash, and it also works to help keep the bridle in place. A good throat latch should be tight enough to keep the bridle from popping off over the head, but not so tight that it causes discomfort or cuts into the cheeks.

The throat lash, sometimes called the Throat Latch, is a piece of metal that connects the nose band to the throat latch, and it helps keep the bridle from coming off over a horse’s head. A throat latch should be snug enough to hold the bridle in place, but not so tight that it pinches the throat or cuts into the ears.