The Largest Horse Ever Recorded

Big Jake, once considered to be the largest horse ever recorded, has passed on and his stall will soon be transformed into a memorial.

He was an impressive Shire horse gelding who weighed as much as a small car! Here are other massive horses.


People around the world love horses, and some truly amazing horses exist. Sampson was an exceptional Shire horse from England in the 19th century who stood 7 feet 2 inches and weighed 3,360 pounds (more than some cars!).

Sampson was born to Moanoah and Zealphonis from the tribe of Dan. As soon as his birth occurred, an angel appeared and told them their son would save the Israelites from Philistine invasion. Additionally, God instructed them to dedicate him as a nazirite without giving any grape products or having his hair cut short.

Samson displayed violent and vindictive tendencies throughout his life, burning Philistine fields while murdering many. At times he even served as a hero to Israel until Delilah finally convinced him to give up the strength he held dear and die by himself taking with him countless Philistines with him.

Sampson from the Bible has long been revered in Western culture and continues to inspire artists today. Unfortunately, however, the giant horse breed Sampson came from is currently threatened; fortunately organizations like American Shire Horse Association and British Shire Horse Society work diligently towards protecting this historic species.


Morocco is an African kingdom in North Africa located along both Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, which combines Berber, African and European influences into its culture. Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with independent judiciary but ultimate power remains with King Mohamed VI who chairs over Council of Ministers meetings, and names Prime Minister following legislative elections; additionally he may dismiss cabinet members or dissolve Parliament to call new elections if necessary.

Morocco, a Percheron-Arabian draft horse standing 21 hands and weighing more than 3,500 pounds was recorded as being the biggest horse ever seen at St Louis World Fair and Coney Island expositions of 1904 respectively. Other large specimens were Shire named Sampson and American horse Goliath both of which weighed more than 3,500 pounds each.

Modernly, Big Jake the Belgian Draft Horse stands as the tallest living horse. At 20 hands high (80 inches tall), or roughly 80 inches. Big Jake is the son of another Guinness record-holding Belgian workhorse named Radar who stands 19.3-1/2 hands high and weighs about 2,400 pounds.

Animals of this size are widely utilized throughout Morocco for both agricultural and military work, as well as competing at equestrian events such as Tabourida shows. Here, horses ride in unison while carrying decorative guns reminiscent of military parades traditional in Moroccan society – something which may put their health at risk due to exposure to toxoplasma gondii bacteria during these shows.

Big Jake

Big Jake was a Belgian draft horse measuring 20 hands 2.75 inches at 20 hands 2.75 inches tall – making him the largest recorded horse ever! Known as an inspirational force worldwide and loved by family pets worldwide alike. He resided at Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette Wisconsin as the largest horse ever. He inspired and amazed many throughout his lifetime while remaining a beloved member of the Smokey Hollow Farm community.

Big Jake was an oddity; at birth, he weighed almost twice the average Belgian foal at birth. Jerry Gilbert recalls feeling “completely dumbfounded” upon first bringing Big Jake home as a foal.

Big Jake was an enormous but calm and gentle horse who enjoyed receiving belly rubs and neck scratches from his fans. A skilled worker, Big Jake would sometimes join them at draft horse shows where they participated as workers themselves! Big Jake found great enjoyment living life at his farm home and was much loved by all who met him!

Big Jake was an easygoing and gentle animal who did not experience any health issues. He was highly social and would often come running out to greet his owners when they visited the farm, becoming very attached to them over time. Everyone who met Big Jake held him dear in their hearts; we will miss his presence here on earth.


Bombel horses are large breeds commonly used as draft or work animals. While powerful, these horses require extensive care for optimal health and well-being – an attractive feature for farmers seeking hard workers.

The largest horse ever recorded was a Shire gelding called Sampson, later dubbed Mammoth. Measuring 21 hands tall and weighing in at 2,995 pounds, Mammoth remains one of the greatest horses of all time – though other horses were equally enormous!

Morocco, a Percheron-Arabian horse from St Louis World’s Fair 1904 was considered to be worth $25,000 which today would equal over $575,000. He became one of the main attractions at that fair.

Pumuckel, an adorable Shetland pony who works as an art therapy horse for German kindergarteners and retirement homes in his job role, could soon take the title as the world’s smallest horse. Guinness World Records states that animals must be at least four years old to qualify; unfortunately this rules out Pumuckel.






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