The Horse With Teeth Meme

horse with teeth meme

A horse with teeth meme is a close-up image of a horse’s mouth and teeth, often accompanied by a humorous or ironic caption. The meme first appeared online in early 2018.

The horse with teeth meme is a great example of an internet meme – a viral image or short video that spreads rapidly and becomes popular for its social commentary or entertainment value. Memes are often created by amateurs and have the potential to go viral, gaining widespread popularity for a brief period of time before losing momentum.

When something goes viral, it is often referenced in the media and become part of our daily vocabulary. For example, if you hear someone say “straight from the horse’s mouth,” it refers to the common expression “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” — the warning against being critical or suspicious of something that is given to you freely.

While it’s difficult to claim that Spector officially invented the horse with teeth meme, he was definitely one of its early influencers and a major player at the first ROFLCon (Rolling on the Floor Laughing Convention) in 2008. He also helped establish the website 4chan and was profiled by Wired Magazine.