The Horse Head in Your Bed Meaning

horse head in your bed meaning

The scene in The Godfather where movie producer Jack Woltz wakes up to find a horse head in his bed is one of the most iconic moments in film history. This disturbing act was carried out by the Corleone family as a way of warning Woltz that they mean business and will use violence if necessary.

Horses have long been associated with power and strength, and owning one was considered a symbol of wealth and status. They were also a sacred animal in many cultures. The horse head in Woltz’s bed symbolized the Corleone family’s power and dominance. In the years since The Godfather was released, putting a horse head in someone’s bed has become a widely used Mafia meme to convey that you mean business and will resort to violence if necessary.

In the scene from The Godfather, Tom Hagen sends Luca Brasi to place a horse head in Woltz’s bedroom to show him that the family means business. To create this terrifying moment in the movie, Francis Ford Coppola actually used an actual horse head that was already set to be slaughtered for dog food in New Jersey. This is a shocking fact that may have upset some people, but it was added to the movie long before animal rights were an issue.

This is just one of many memorable scenes from The Godfather, but it is definitely the most disturbing. The movie has inspired many homages, spoofs, and parodies, including an episode of the Simpsons where Lisa wakes up to find a horse head on her bed. The scene from The Godfather has also been incorporated into many video games.

The Horse Head in Your Bed Meaning

In a dream, if you see a horse’s head in your bed it suggests that you will be dealing with powerful figures with tremendous influence and wealth. It could also indicate that you are about to experience a phenomenal rise in your career. However, if the head is bloody or severed, this dream foretells that your hopes and expectations will be dashed.

Another famous horse head related to the Mafia is that of Frank Sinatra. Ray Liotta, who played Sinatra in the movie Goodfellas, recently appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage and revealed that he once received a real horse head from Sinatra’s daughters Tina and Nancy. The girls wanted to send a message that they are aware of their dad’s ties to the Mob and will not tolerate him doing anything illegal.

Liotta shot the horse out of mercy as he did not want to subject the animal to any further suffering. This type of action is called euthanasia. If you are interested in learning more about the mafia and its history, check out the book The Godfather: The Unauthorized Autobiography by Mario Puzo. The book is available on Amazon and other bookstores. You can also watch the movie on Netflix or rent it from your local library.