The Canter Truck – The Most Powerful Light Commercial Truck in Its Class

canter truck

The canter truck is the most powerful light commercial truck in its class and a popular choice for many businesses. It has an amazing reputation for strength, durability and reliability and offers a low cost of ownership. It has a lightweight frame design without compromising on strength and is able to carry a load that no other medium-duty truck can.

Using advanced technologies from Europe, Asia and North America, the new Fuso Canter FE/FG series trucks are engineered to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership on any medium-duty truck in its class. This includes standard 3-year bumper-to-bumper/unlimited mileage, 5-year/175,000-mile powertrain limited warranties that include components other manufacturers don’t warranty.

The Canter’s steel ladder frame – in frame widths of 700 mm or 750 mm, depending on cab variant selected – provides remarkable strength and load-bearing capability. Its large maximum axle loads – 1,950 kg on front and 2,550 kg on the rear – give exceptional towing capacity. In addition, the Canter can handle a wide range of standard commercial bodies (Europe: drop-side and dumper beds, Japan: car carriers and D-vans) with cabins up to 1.7 (S) or 2.0 (W) meters wide.

With its high maneuverability, the Canter excels at negotiating narrow city streets and other congested driving conditions. Its steering is direct, firm and communicative and connects the driver with the road surface at every turn and corner to deliver superb handling and stability. Brakes at all four corners quickly bring the vehicle to a stop from speeds of up to 100 km/h.

The cab is extremely comfortable and well equipped with a standard air conditioning system that keeps the cabin at just the right temperature. Its large windows offer excellent visibility and a spacious environment. The driver seat is adjustable to accommodate drivers of all sizes, with a fully-tilting armrest and air-operated, powered tilting steering wheel that makes it easy to reach the gearshift levers and instrument panel.

For safety, the Canter features an impact-absorbing steering column and side-door crush bars that help protect occupants from injuries during crashes and rollovers. The cab is also equipped with a driver’s-side rear window defroster and a power lock/unlock feature to provide added passenger comfort and convenience.

Several advanced safety features are available on the Canter, including standard anti-lock brakes and an electronic power steering system with hill-start assist to help drivers maintain control in tight parking lots and other challenging situations. An optional reversing camera enhances rearview visibility, while a collision warning system with forward-facing radar and front and side-mounted cameras alert the driver to nearby obstacles.

Mitsubishi Fuso’s partnership with eNow allows customers to equip their Canter FE/FG Series trucks with solar-based auxiliary power systems, from 30-watt systems that keep the batteries charged up to 6,400-watt systems capable of running lift gates or refrigeration equipment. Depending on the application, this technology helps reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs while helping to lower the carbon footprint of the truck.