The Biggest Horse on Record

Although horses come in all sizes and breeds, some stand out by far exceeding the norm for their breed. These extraordinary horses amaze horse enthusiasts and become major draws at fairs and carnivals.

One of the largest horses ever recorded was a Shire gelding named Sampson from Bedfordshire, UK; later renamed Mammoth after measuring over 21.5 hands high and weighing in excess of 3,000 pounds.

Sampson (Mammoth)

Sampson (commonly referred to as Mammoth) was an immense Shire horse gelding who became the largest on record. Born in Bedfordshire, England and reaching 21 feet 2 inches at its peak weight of 3,360 lb at 21.2 hands (7 feet 2 in), this incredible animal served as the basis of many children taking up vaulting thanks to his unruffleable temperament.

Sampson served as an ambassador for the Shire horse breed throughout his life and introduced many people from all corners of the globe to its beauty. Today, organizations such as the Shire Horse Society and American Shire Horse Association continue their work in protecting these giants through responsible breeding programs, public education events and events to keep his legacy alive for future generations.

Big Jake, a Belgian draft horse at 20 hands (6ft 10 in), holds the current world record for tallest living horse. Located at Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette, Wisconsin with owner Jerry Gilbert, Big Jake competes in four and six horse hitches shows to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House through show careers he attends. Yet his owner describes Big Jake as gentle and fun-loving despite its size.

King LeGear

Percheron horses hail from Viking warhorses and today serve as workhorses that stand at least 18 hands high and weigh 2,300 pounds. Once popular among Napoleon’s cavalry units and used to pull artillery pieces but their numbers decreased after World War I; one such Percheron named King LeGear stood 21 hands high and weighed nearly 3,000 pounds!

The Belgian Draft Horse or Brabant is an enormous workhorse developed after World War 1 through crossbreeding with Ardennes horses from France and native breeds from Belgium. Farm owners and circuses loved these workhorses due to their immense size; one such Brabant named Radar even weighed more than three thousand pounds!

Shire horses are another workhorse with impressive size capabilities, typically 16 to 19 hands tall and boasting long jet black manes and tails with spotted or speckled coats. Shire horses are commonly seen pulling carriages as well as performing circus shows.

These horses are known for their beauty and grace under saddle or harness. Not only are they intelligent and docile, they’re also extremely strong; known to carry heavy loads without difficulty.

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme was a Belgian Draft horse known for their massive size and strength, standing over 6 feet tall and weighing over 3,200 pounds – one of the largest horses ever recorded! Yet despite his massive stature and weight, he was known to be calm and gentle towards those he worked with and well-liked by those around him. Additionally, Brooklyn Supreme could perform various tricks and stunts making him a popular attraction at circus shows as well as being capable of carrying up to eight people at once!

Earle Brown of Minneapolis, Minnesota first showed him at his farm. Prior to becoming popularly recognized due to his size, he had been awarded Grand Champion at various state fairs. It took farriers 30 inches of iron just to craft one horseshoe!

Brooklyn Supreme first made his debut as an impressive racehorse in 2017. Winning three races within three starts, he earned millions of dollars in winnings while becoming one of the greatest horses ever seen at racing events. Brooklyn Supreme will always be remembered fondly as a legendary racing horse and earned fans’ admiration as one of its kind.


Goliath was the main antagonist in the Bible tale David and Goliath. Goliath represented Philistine culture at that time, who were traditional enemies of Israel at that time. Goliath dared Israel to select one representative to face him one-on-one; should one of their champions lose, their people would become slaves of his opponent.

Shire horses, known for their strength and size, were originally developed for pulling heavy carts on farms, breweries and coal mines. Nowadays they’re often found at living history farms or county fairs dazzling crowds with their massive presence.

Numerous other draft horses have set records for being the tallest ever, including Morocco who stood 21.2 hands high (6 feet, 5 inches at his withers). He became one of the main attractions at the 1904 St Louis World’s Fair.

Radar, an 18-year-old Percheron gelding owned by Priefert Manufacturing of Mount Pleasant, Texas and standing 19.1 hands at his withers (six feet five inches), holds the current world record. Measured on July 24 by a veterinarian from Longview Texas for confirmation as world’s largest horse – with limited difficulty grazing due to his long neck being too long; eating an estimated 18 pounds of Pilgrim’s Pride grain daily and 40 pounds of Coastal Bermuda hay per day as well as 20 gallons of water daily!

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