The Biggest Horse in the World 2022

Horses are beautiful creatures. Standing 18 hands tall, they can weigh over 2000 pounds and be as big as 18 hands high!

The largest horses in the world are often employed for draft work and possess an impressive work ethic. While their calm demeanor may make them appear calm and patient, their high energy needs to be expended regularly in order to remain happy horses.

Belgian Horse

The Belgian Horse is a breed of draft horses native to Belgium, a small European nation. Descended directly from medieval “Great Horses”, these powerful yet kind and easy-going draft horses are used for all manner of draft work, from plowing fields and giving sleigh rides in maple syrup country during winter sleigh rides, pulling carriages or hitches and being used as riding horses across various disciplines.

The average Belgian stands 16 to 18 hands or 64 to 72 inches. They usually weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. As one of the larger draft horse breeds, Belgians tend to stand taller than Clydesdales; typically chestnut, red sorrel, or bay-colored with their signature thick, well-shaped heads and sloping shoulders.

Though some stallions surpass average height, these horses are extremely rare. Big Jake was an award-winning chestnut Belgian that stood 20 hands and weighed 2,600 pounds; he lived on a farm in Wisconsin where they provided him with special food and bedding to maintain good health.

Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdales are large, barrel-chested horses known for their expressive, high-stepping gaits. These impressive beasts typically stand 16 to 18 hands (68 to 76 inches) tall and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Their body combines elements from several draft horse breeds: leaner than Belgians or Shires while larger and more muscular than Percherons; making them well suited to heavy hauling while being flashy enough for parades and shows alike. Their characteristic coloring includes bay with four white stockings while black or chestnut may also exist – or roan!

Your most likely sighting of a Clydesdale will likely be at a Budweiser parade, but these majestic animals can also be found on farms and used in various other ways around the world. Famed as gentle giants with excellent work ethics despite their large sizes, Clydesdales can easily be trained by people of any skill level to ride and can also be ridden as mounts by anyone!

Clydesdale Horses are one of the world’s best-known breeds. Renowned for their majestic stature and graceful movements, these beautiful bay horses can pull heavy loads while remaining agile enough for quick footwork.

Shire Horse

The Shire horse is an English breed of massive draft horses renowned for their large size and impressive appearance. Reaching 18 hands high at maturity, they weigh between 1,800 to 2,200 pounds and boast broad foreheads, large eyes, long ears and deep, wide chests; making for an impressive look with muscles protrusions such as deep, wide chests. Although large in size, shire horses tend to be easy for inexperienced riders to ride as they rarely rear or buck despite their massive dimensions; yet maintaining them may prove costly due to needing additional feed than usual and custom-made equipment (since mass produced models won’t fit them properly).

The breed was first created during the 17th century by breeding heavy English mares with Friesian and Andalusian horses, producing heavy cart horses popular for use on farms and forests until mechanization rendered their services less necessary. Today they are used mainly as show horses or riding horses by enthusiasts of this breed.

Shire horses are widely admired for their speed and agility despite being large animals, particularly when considering that Sampson ran at up to 27 miles per hour! Shire horses also typically live between 25-20 years; an impressive feat considering they belong to such an ancient breed.

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme was an extraordinary horse, and his legacy continues to live on today. He brought renewed excitement to horse racing by inspiring a whole new generation of fans and reigniting excitement about horse racing itself.

The giant Belgian draft horse that came to be known as “Big Bertha” gained worldwide notoriety for his incredible size and strength. Standing an astounding 19.2 hands high and weighing 3,200 pounds, Big Bertha required farriers to use a bar of iron 30 inches long just to make one horseshoe for him!

Brooklyn Supreme was an exceptionally gentle horse on the racetrack despite his size, with both trainers and fans appreciating both his incredible talent and charming persona.

Brooklyn Supreme was widely revered during his life, winning both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes with ease. Beyond racing success, however, Brooklyn Supreme continued to impress both on and off of the racetrack.

Though Brooklyn Supreme was an enormous horse, other horses have eclipsed him both in height and weight. Sampson is currently holding onto his title for largest horse with 21.2 hands standing and 3,359 pounds of body mass!






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