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Horses are one of the most magnificent animals. Reaching up to six feet in height and weighing over one ton, horses can outrun Soviet heavy trucks at running faster while bearing the weight of several people at once.

Sampson was an iconic giant shire gelding who stood 21 hands 2.5 inches and weighed approximately 2,500 pounds.


Samson was an incredible horse who stood over 19 hands high at full maturity, weighing an estimated 2,950 pounds at full maturity. Owned by the founder of a patent veterinary medicine company in St. Louis, Missouri around the turn of the 20th century. Samson was known for his incredible strength and agility – vaulters loved vaulting on him! Additionally, his imperturbable temperament allowed children to climb freely on him without fear.

The Bible presents Samson as an individual who loved a woman outside God’s plan for his life, only to be humiliated by both her Philistine bride and her father-in-law, before embarking on an aggressive murderous spree against the Philistines (including tying up 300 foxes together and fastening them to burning torches ) which served as revenge against 40 years of Philistine oppression (Judges 13:1, 25).

The Bible also recounts how Samson’s strength was gradually taken away from him. Although God never protects men who go against His plan, He made sure Samson felt the weight of what he had done; thus killing more after death than during his boastful and revengeful days. Samson drew his strength from uncut hair and super-human strength – however foolishness convinced him it couldn’t ever be taken away.


As is often the case when discussing giant horses, some breeds have gained special notice over time. These include the Belgian draft horse, Clydesdale, Suffolk Punch and American Cream Draft horses as well as percheron horses. While they might appear intimidating in terms of size, these gentle giants make ideal working partners despite their large stature.

Sampson was the world’s largest horse ever recorded at more than 3,359 pounds and 22 hands tall, dating back to medieval England when King Henry VIII defined a human hand as four inches long. Today’s largest horse is Big Jake from Percheron breed who stands over 22 hands and weighs 2,260 pounds; this gray Percheron stands over 22 hands while maintaining a strict diet to support his massive weight. He can often be found participating in draft horse shows or events but must adhere to a special regimen in order to support his joints so his owners must monitor him to keep him healthy throughout his long career.

Dorothy Brooke was moved by the suffering of war horses during World War I to write to London’s Morning Post newspaper and eventually found Brooke – one of the world’s premier equine welfare charities. Their work centers around teaching people that healthy horses perform better, live longer, and can sustainably support human caretakers – these principles also form the core of Brooke. Furthermore, this organization assists during national disasters while working to shape policy within many nations around the globe.


Percheron horses are revered for their strength, size, and beauty – qualities which distinguish them amongst all horse breeds worldwide. Although initially used as draft horses, Percherons have since found use in many applications throughout history such as forestry or working terrain where larger machinery cannot reach. They’re also perfect competition or tourism carriage horses!

Sampson was the largest Percheron ever recorded, weighing in at 3,359 pounds. Originating in England’s Shire horse population and standing more than 22 feet high. Sampson overtook Lubber, his predecessor who had held onto this title since 1924 – both were Belgian-Percheron crosses used as circus exhibits during this time period.

Percherons are usually gray in color but may also come in black varieties. Their intelligence makes them quick learners that quickly adjust to new situations; thus making them popular choices for forestry work, competitive driving events, tourism-related driving as well as versatility that allows for riding under saddle or jumping.

Percherons can suffer from a number of health issues that compromise their performance and quality of life, in particular chronic progressive lymphedema. This condition occurs when lymph fluid accumulates in their lower legs due to heavy draft horses carrying large loads; left untreated it could prove fatal.

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme, a Belgian Draft horse who became legendary during his lifetime, was a huge and striking attraction at Earle Brown Farm in Minneapolis, Minnesota and often displayed at state fairs as Grand Champion of his breed. One of Brooklyn Supreme’s famous great-grandfathers was Farceur 7332 – something people paid money to see! He had an esteemed pedigree and could often be found under saddle in many state fairs throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin exhibited around him.

At that time, Brooklyn Supreme was the largest horse in existence. Standing 19.2 hands tall, with an 18-inch girth measuring 10 feet 2 inches around his hips. Weighing over 3200 pounds he also wore a 40-inch collar around his neck.

According to reports, Brooklyn Supreme was known for being extremely gentle and kind. His calm demeanor made him popular with both fans and trainers. Despite being such an enormous horse in terms of size, Brooklyn Supreme proved himself as an exceptional racehorse by winning both Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes races!

Belgian Draft horses were once used as workhorses before mechanization came along; their immense pulling power enabled them to pull heavy loads for extended periods, making them indispensable in agriculture and industry applications.

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