The Andalusian Horse For Sale

andalusian horse for sale

For thousands of years, Andalusians have been a symbol of beauty and power. Today, this magnificent breed is making its way into North America. They’re excelling in disciplines like dressage, jumping and driving while also proving to be a natural fit for arena sports such as parades and reining. Whether you’re just curious about these majestic steeds or seriously considering buying one, it’s important to understand their history and requirements before you make your purchase.

The Spanish government has long recognized the importance of the Andalusian horse and worked to preserve it. An organization within the Ministry of Defense, called the Cria Caballar de las Fuerzas Armadas, oversees the country’s studbook. Only horses with Spanish bloodlines can be entered into the studbook, which is verified through DNA testing. In the United States, the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association is responsible for maintaining the breed’s registries.

Because of the breeding and bloodline restrictions, Andalusians are expensive to purchase. They often start at $10,000, though this price can easily double or triple. Trained Andalusians with established competition records will command even higher prices. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider checking with a local Andalusian club. They may be able to connect you with reputable sellers and breeders in the area.

In the past, Andalusians were prominent warhorses. They were prized for their blend of intelligence and litheness, which made them ideal in a battleground. In fact, the breed’s storied history as warhorses helped bring about the formation of many European riding academies.

Andalusians are also renowned for their intelligence, sensitivity and docility. They are highly trainable and are suitable for intermediate riders or higher. Their forward movement makes them naturals for sports such as dressage and carriage driving, while their animated movement and striking appearance commands attention in the show ring.

The most common colors for Andalusians are gray and bay, although they can also be seen in chestnut, black, buckskin and cremello. They can be found in a wide range of ages, from foals to mature adults.

As with any horse, a proper diet is crucial for an Andalusian’s health. This type of horse needs a high-quality, high-fiber diet that is balanced with vitamins and minerals. Mad Barn’s Omneity vitamin and mineral supplement is an excellent choice for this particular breed, as it helps support hoof quality, skin and coat health, metabolic function and much more. As an added benefit, it can also help prevent bloating, colic and other digestive issues.