Sampson – The World’s Biggest Horse

Sampson stands out among a world full of impressive animals as one of the greatest horses ever seen on this Earth. A Shire horse who stood 21.2 hands and weighed over 3000 pounds was his name – making him one of the biggest horses ever recorded and also an admirable gentle giant.

Shires are large British draft and farm horses. Their colors range from brown, black, or even roan – the latter having dark-colored bodies while having colored manes, tails, ear edges and lower legs.

He was bred by Thomas Cleaver

Big Jake used to be the world’s tallest and heaviest horse, until his death earlier this year. Now that Phantom is competing with Big Jake for this distinction, his height remains uncertain; according to one source (TikTok post) it stands at 21.2 hands, or 7-feet 2.5 inches; this however contradicts other records such as Guinness Book of Records.

Shire horses are large draft horses that can grow to enormous sizes. Known for their gentle temperament and standing so quietly in their stalls that mice may nestle into the straw, Shires also possess exceptional speed and power that make them great draft horses for pulling heavy loads.

An athlete’s relationship with their horse is unique, often going beyond being just a rider and touching. Physical interaction between horse and vaulter may occur quite frequently and vaulters must be prepared to manage such physical contact as part of their training regimen. Most vaulters have had great relationships with their horses due to training – though some horses were less kind than Sampson who carried Mile High Vaulters athletes for 15 years with an unflappable disposition that helped win many national and FEI championships.

He was a Shire horse

Shire horses are known for being tallest and heaviest breed of horses. These majestic creatures are famous for their impressive size and strength; these large animals are frequently employed as draft or working horses as well as parades, carriage riding events and competitions; in fact one Shire horse once pulled 58,000 pounds!

Shire horses are known for being exceptionally gentle creatures despite their massive sizes. They possess a well-balanced nature and form close bonds with their owners, being highly reliable and adapting quickly to new situations. Their impressive size combined with docile temperament make them suitable for many different forms of work.

Sampson (later renamed Mammoth), born in 1846 and measuring 21.2 1/2 hands or 7 feet 2.5 inches was officially the world’s largest documented horse. He towered four inches over any Clydesdale.

Goliath was an acclaimed Percheron stallion who stood 20 hands and weighed more than 2,500 pounds, becoming a beloved attraction at fairs and rodeos across America – so much so that there was even a book written specifically about him!

He was a draft horse

Draft horses are among the largest horse breeds worldwide. These magnificent beasts reach staggering heights, growing into powerful carriage-pullers capable of pulling carriages for large crowds or making popular attractions at fairs and carnivals due to being well-trained and docile. There are seven main draft breeds: Shire horses, Belgians, Clydesdales, percherons, Suffolk punch, American cream draft horses and Russian heavy draft horses that continue to fascinate horse enthusiasts worldwide.

Sampson was an iconic Shire draft horse who stood 21.5 hands at his withers and weighed over 3,000 pounds, yet remained calm and gentle despite his size. People came from near and far to witness his incredible strength and size first-hand.

Brooklyn Supreme was another large draft horse named Brooklyn Supreme by the AVA as their B Team and Open Pas de Deux Horse of the Year for 2015 and 2017 (he also received this honor for 2015 and 2016). Renowned for his natural talent for vaulting, as well as his ability to escape temporary stalls, Brooklyn Supreme required custom-made 30-pound horseshoes. Unfortunately he passed away in 2021 but owner Jerry Gilbert plans on creating him a monument as an eternal memory of him.

He was a stallion

Sampson was the world’s largest horse, born in England in 1846 as a Shire gelding named Samson and measuring over 7 feet 2.5 inches at 21.5-1/2 hands. Sampson became well-known throughout his lifetime for both his size and strength – pulling carriages and delighting spectators alike.

Sampson had an imperturbable temperament and an incredible amount of talent, helping the Mile High Vaulters club grow over the years. Those who knew him will miss his gentle giant presence as he could canter like a racehorse.

Sampson was known for being friendly and accepting of children despite his giant stature, often taking even young vaulters onto his back when they would climb onto him without complaining. Through Sampson’s training and incredible impulsion they would grow into strong athletes with amazing potential.

Sampson died tragically in May 2023 and immediately afterward many vaulting athletes posted tributes on social media and built memorials to remember this great horse. Although other horses could rival Sampson in terms of size, none came close. A photo purporting to depict Sampson surfaced online via TikTok in April 2023; however it had numerous telltale signs that it could not possibly have been him (such as blurry hands in the image and unclear reading text on them).

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