Realistic Pencil Drawings of Horses

realistic pencil drawings of horses

Many people are drawn to horses and want to learn how to draw them. The best way to start is by finding good reference material to work from. This can be a picture book, a book of photographs or even a video online. Using these images as references will help you to get the proportions of the horse right and will help you in developing the detail that will make your drawing look realistic. It is also helpful to practice with a pencil first before you move on to using a brush. You will find that it is much easier to erase mistakes made with a pencil than it is with a paintbrush.

Some artists may be able to create some artwork strictly from memory but most will always use some kind of reference material when creating a new piece. This is especially true for more realistic pieces of art. If you try to create a detailed piece of artwork without the proper reference material it will likely end up looking unrealistic and sloppy.

In this article we will explore some examples of realistic pencil drawings of horses. We will discuss the types of materials that are used, the different stages in the process and also we will offer some tips for creating your own realistic pencil drawings of horses.

One of the most popular ways to draw is with pencil. Pencil is a very versatile medium that can be used for almost any type of artwork including drawings of animals and portraits. A lot of people are surprised to find out that you can draw very realistically with pencil, a little imagination and some good reference material. The process is fairly simple. The basic supplies that you need to begin are a good quality drawing surface and a few drawing pencils.

The first step in creating a realistic pencil drawing of a horse is to sketch the outline of the subject with a pencil. The next step is to develop the tone and value of the drawing with shading. The final step is to add the details such as the eyes, mane and tail. The result should be a very detailed drawing that looks like it was done by a professional artist.

Another great way to draw is by using paint or other types of color. This can be a fun and quick way to create some horse art. Paintings can be done with water colors, acrylic or oil-based paints and there are a lot of different canvas sizes that can be used.

This horse drawing by Ruby is a wonderful example of how beautiful a horse drawing can be when it is done with color. The detail in this equine portrait is incredible and the added colors really bring the art to life. Be sure to click through and leave a nice comment for the artist!

This drawing by Breanna is a lovely example of how a small detail can make a big difference. The dapples in this drawing of a Dartmoor pony really stand out and the artist did a great job at portraying the correct proportions of the horse.