Purebred Spanish Breed Horses

Purebred Spanish Horses are revered and respected creatures throughout history for their fiery courage, intelligent response to rider control and powerful maneuvers. Humans have found these remarkable animals captivating as war horses for Moorish cavalry units as well as riding academies who train these powerful horses for high school manoeuvres.

All PRE foals are examined by one of the BAPSH Ltd ANCCE-LGPRE Grading Delegate Veterinarians who complete an Identity Diagram, microchip them and collect blood samples for DNA Typing.


The purebred Spanish Horse (Pura Raza Espanola) has long been recognized for its superior functional and athletic properties that make him suitable for many equestrian disciplines, particularly classic dressage.

This unique breed is famed for its beautiful movement that blends collection and speed, as well as their outstanding ability in collected gaits such as passage and piaffe. Furthermore, they make outstanding jumpers who excel in single and four-horse hitch driving competitions as well as Doma Vaquera–an unique Spanish discipline.

The PRE is a closed breed, meaning it must be bred according to the stringent regulations set out by ANCCE-LGPRE mother stud book in Spain. All licensed PREs feature yellow, red, blue or green ribbons next to their name on this website and can be identified via microchips. At birth every foal must be examined by one of BAPSH Ltd’s authorised Vets before being certified as fulfilling international ANCCE-LGPRE identity requirements; this inspection includes full ID diagram creation, DNA testing as well as parentage confirmation.


Purebred Spanish Horses (PREs) are highly sought-after all-around riding horses that excel at dressage and competitions requiring high levels of coordination, agility and control. Furthermore, PREs are widely known for performing traditional Spanish equestrian activities like bullfighting and the Running of the Bulls.

The PRE is known to be highly intelligent and motivated. No surprise then that this breed has long been utilized as both military horses in battle as well as being mounted by monarchs. They are also well known for their sense of humor; one owner recounts an amusing story where her PRE would playfully tease her by turning around and picking up his left front foot instead.

BAPSH Ltd was granted access to Spain’s PRE Mother Studbook ANCCE-LGPRE so it could provide its customers with accurate, up-to-date pedigrees and identity records. Furthermore, ANCCE-LGPRE is working on an accreditation/approval system based on physical attributes and aptitude for specific disciplines that will serve as a prerequisite for breeding stallions/mares from its collection.


Purebred Spanish horses are exquisite, elegant creatures renowned for their advanced dressage skills and beautiful physique. Their harmonious physique is perfectly paired with their eager Latin temperament – making these horses easy to train and incredibly adaptable.

ANCCE-LGPRE, the mother Studbook for this breed, requires that all horses aged three years undergo Basic Grading examination (similar to a passport examination). This inspection entails 27 conformation measurements as well as linear-morphological analysis and assessment of walk, trot and canter speeds.

BAPSH Ltd acts as the local office for the Mother Studbook and acts as the official ANCCE-LGPRE representative in the UK and Eire for all PRE mares and stallions registered with them. When horses present themselves for Grading, their microchip is scanned to compare it against physical evidence, before DNA samples from them are taken for typing at ANCCE laboratory before comparison against one stored when they were foals to ensure proper identification and pedigree comparison; finally a Validated grade is awarded by an ANCCE-LGPRE Grading Delegate Veterinarian.


The PRE was once Spain’s main war horse and later prized by royalty and nobility across Europe. This breed is both brave and attentive, owing to its strong, flexible back and deep heart girth which give this animal its power like that of a bull.

Before recently, the PRE studbook managers attempted to exclude all colors except grey and bay from being registered, leading to some serious pedigree errors. Now however, chestnut (including buckskin), pearl, silver dapple dapple coat patterns, classic roan coat patterns, and sabino coat patterns may all be registered under their appropriate PRE.

Purebred Spanish Horses, or Pura Raza Espaolas, can only be classified as such with valid pedigrees approved by ANCCE. ANCCE serves as both the breeding authority in Spain as well as parent studbook that governs worldwide influence of this breed. You can easily spot an approved PRE by looking out for yellow, red, blue, green or gold ribbons next to its name on its studbook entry – visit their website here to do so.


Purebred Spanish Horses possess an admirable temperament that makes them suitable for multiple disciplines. These horses tend to be well behaved, affectionate and trusting of humans while adapting easily to different riding styles.

Historical uses for horses included equestrian sports, working livestock and training for mounted bull fighting competitions (rejoneo and acoso y derribo) as well as carriage driving. Their numbers fell during both World Wars and during the Spanish Civil War due to export restrictions that weren’t lifted until 1963.

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