Printable Picture of Parts of the Horse

Printable picture of parts of the horse are a fun and educational way to introduce students or adults to the vast study of equine anatomy. These free worksheets are perfect for home schoolers, 4H clubs, girl scouts and horseback riding lesson instructors.

This first worksheet is a connect-the-dot activity where each dot has a number based on the part of the horse being labeled. It is an easy-to-use activity that is suitable for younger children and can be finished in about 20 minutes or less. It is a great introduction to a more detailed diagram that is more comprehensive in its coverage of skeletal anatomy.

The next downloadable worksheet contains a word bank that asks the user to identify the different body parts of a horse. Each term is listed next to an image of a horse so that the student can review it and decide which one matches it. This is a fun way to test knowledge and it can be used as a game to see who can name all the different parts of the horse.

Every horse lover has experienced the majesty of watching a horse walk majestically. This next downloadable page shows just that with a beautiful scene of a horse walking. It also illustrates how horses use their hoofs to pump blood from the lower legs back up to their heart.

A horse can move quickly over a long distance thanks to its powerful muscles. This is illustrated in this downloadable picture that shows a horse moving quickly while the sun shines down on its head and shoulders.

Horses are incredibly agile creatures and they love to run. This last downloadable picture shows a horse in its natural element of running and enjoying the open space around it. This is a great illustration of the freedom that horses feel when they have their own pasture or ranch.