Pictures of Horses to Color and Print

pictures of horses to color and print

If your children are going through a horse phase (which most kids don’t ever grow out of), or they’re just interested in horses and ponies in general, you can find all sorts of beautiful pictures of horses to color and print on this page. There’s something for all ages and skill levels, from simple to intricate. You can use crayons, colored pencils, or felt tipped markers to color these horse drawings.

Coloring has been shown to help develop motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and focus. It also encourages creativity and imagination, which is why children love it so much! These horse coloring pages are great for helping your children work on these important skills while having fun and relaxing.

Horses are gorgeous creatures, symbolizing dynamism and spiritedness. They have a majestic appearance that fascinates both children and adults alike. They are able to communicate a feeling through their postures and movements, ranging from funny and jovial to grand and contemplative. This is why many people, including adults, enjoy drawing and painting them.

When kids are done with their coloring, they can use the finished picture for scrapbooking or as wall art! You can even laminate them, and mount them on poster board or cardboard to create a unique handmade decoration. You can also get a box of watercolor palettes and small cups for water from the dollar store, and set up an easel on the table or a desk. Have the kids paint in the colors of their choice, using a combination of realistic shades and their own creative interpretations.

There are a lot of different pictures of horses to color and print, from full body images to close up head shots. You can also find pictures of specific horse breeds, like the spotted Knabstrup or the elegant Arabian. You can even find horse drawings with a mane adorned with flowers or butterflies!

This next coloring page shows a charming horse trotting along, with excitement written all over its face. It’s a good reminder that horses can feel just as happy and free as we do!

If your children are getting bored with coloring, try a more involved craft project with them. For example, have them color in two of the same horse illustrations and cut them out carefully. Then, have them glue the horses to popsicle sticks. They can then stick the sticks into a plant or vase, and it will look like a cute, homemade decoration. They can also add other details to their drawings, such as grass, bushes, or trees made out of construction paper. You could even twist up pieces of red and green tissue paper into roses, and glue them to their horse drawings. These will be so pretty, and each one will be completely unique!