Picture of a Horses Sleeping Bag

Picture of a horses sleeping bag can provide your child with an ideal means of restful slumber. As an ideal alternative to blankets during colder temperatures, sleeping bags provide warmth without blankets being required; use alone or over an existing bag; plus there is even an easy access hole on sleeping pad sleeves so inflation valves can be quickly and conveniently reached!

Western Sleeping Bag

Western Mountaineering is a premium sleeping bag manufacturer that produces top-of-the-line bags to meet every outdoor condition. Their three-season bags use continuous baffle construction that allows users to adjust how much down is in each area for ultimate comfort, with their oversized neck baffle adding extra warmth at your head when zipping up, while their draft collar has an anti-snagging coating to minimize snagging issues. Hermit’s Hut offers an amazing selection of Western Mountaineering sleeping bags at extremely reasonable prices; their premium models cost more but are worth every penny due to quality and durability! Hermit’s Hut has great selections from Western Mountaineering sleeping bag manufacturers; you won’t find better deals anywhere else!

Pink Sleeping Bag with Horse Pillow

The Pink Sleeping Bag with Horse Pillow is an ideal option for little girls who love horses and western scenes. This sleeping bag features horses prancing around with white tails and manes fluttering behind. A Wildkin pattern, it comes in an adorable pink background.

The Sleepyhead sleeping bag is made of soft cotton and polyester fabric with polyfill fill, suitable for toddlers and kids up to the age of 3. Featuring a J-shaped two-way zipper on top and bottom for easier diaper changes without disturbing your child, making the sleeping bag an excellent addition for toddlers or kids aged three or under.

This sleeping bag includes a cuddly plush palomino pony that can serve both as a pillow and plaything; its dimensions measure 28×56 inches, featuring designs featuring horses, saddles, cowgirl boots and fringe for western flair – an excellent option for little cowgirls and boys that wish to take their sleeping bag with them to sleepover parties or sleep overs at friends’ houses.

Blue Sleeping Bag with Horse Pillow

This horse themed sleeping bag is the ideal gift for young cowboys and cowgirls alike, featuring a plush palomino pony attached to its head which serves both as a pillow or fun toy. Plush cover features western scenes including horses, saddles and boots to give this 56 inch long sleeping bag its unique western charm.

YourGear offers this sleeping bag as a great solution for cold-weather camping, rated to 35 degrees and suitable for layering up with another sleeping bag or an overbag.

An innovative feature of this sleeping bag is that it includes a hole in its sleeping pad sleeve to enable easy access to its air valve – so you can make adjustments without leaving the warmth of your sleeping bag!






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