Natural Benefits of Horsetail

horsetail benefits natural

Horsetail is an edible herb known for its abundance of vitamins and minerals. Used since antiquity for its natural healing benefits and health advantages, its popularity remains intact today.

Silica is essential to the health of bones. This mineral aids calcium absorption, increases bone density, prevents fractures, and protects against osteoporosis.


Horsetail is packed with vitamin C, making it a powerful antioxidant capable of fighting free radicals and unclogging pores while improving the texture and tone of skin. Horsetail can also help unclog pores while improving its texture and tone – it is found in many skincare products for this reason, making the skin feel tighter and firmer at once! Its properties make it suitable for those suffering from rosacea or sensitive skin conditions while making its tightening properties ideal.

Horsetail boasts antimicrobial, astringent and diuretic properties to cleanse the body and flush away toxins. Furthermore, this plant boasts vitamin and mineral content such as silica, Vitamin A, phenolic compounds and flavonoids as well as being an important natural source of Thiamine.

Herbal remedies for weak bones have long included Silica-rich herbs like Milk Thistle. When taken regularly, its silica content can prevent osteoporosis and other conditions related to bone health while simultaneously increasing density and improving strength. Regular use may prevent osteoporosis while increasing density and strengthening your bones at the same time. It should be avoided however by those suffering from kidney disease or low potassium levels due to possible adverse side effects including diarrhea, vomiting and decreased blood pressure and heart rate.


Horsetail supplements may help prevent skin problems caused by free radical damage by helping balance oxidation, reduce inflammation and preserve cell integrity – this is particularly helpful for those suffering from conditions like rosacea, psoriasis or acne which cause inflammation in cells.

Horsetail has also been found to help alleviate symptoms associated with digestive conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Packed full of antioxidants and acting as a natural diuretic, horsetail can assist the body in flushing out harmful toxins from its system.

This herb is well known for its high silica content, making it an effective natural supplement to support healthy nails and hair. You can make tea from it or apply externally as a topical application.

A proper dosage for herbal or nutritional supplements depends on multiple factors, including age and health status. It is crucial that users closely adhere to product labels and consult a healthcare professional prior to beginning any new supplement regimen, be it herbal or nutritional, as well as prescription drugs – please see our disclaimer for more details.


Horsetail’s natural diuretic properties can help alleviate bloating, fatigue and fluid retention. Packed with flavonoids such as quercetin e apigenin as well as phenolic compounds which stimulate kidneys into eliminating excess water and toxins through urine elimination, horsetail offers relief to relieve these uncomfortable symptoms.

Horsetail is a common ingredient in herbal diuretic tea, used to reduce fluid retention in legs and feet. Horsetail also plays an integral part of detoxifying diets along with parsley and nettles as detoxifying herbs.

Studies suggest that horsetail can help treat high blood pressure due to its silicon content; however, further investigation needs to be conducted in support of such claims.

Horsetail has been studied as a potential treatment for diabetes, with evidence pointing towards its efficacy for diabetic rats as a means of managing glucose levels and rejuvenating insulin-producing cells. Further research needs to be completed before it can be implemented as therapy in humans.

Horsetail should be avoided by individuals with low potassium levels as it can lead to dehydration and the loss of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium. Ingestion should also be avoided by people allergic to carrots or nicotine as small quantities may exist in this herb.

Bone Strengthening

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) may seem like an odd name for a plant, but it’s one of the most powerful herbal ingredients available today. Used since ancient Greek and Roman times to strengthen hair, skin, nails, and bones.

Horsetail contains high concentrations of silica, an essential mineral essential to bone and nail health. Combining silica with collagen can improve bone density and consistency – leading to increased osteoporosis prevention and treatment. Horsetail has also been noted as an aid against depression.

Test tube studies of horsetail extract have demonstrated its ability to inhibit osteoclasts and stimulate osteoblasts, helping prevent bone disease. Furthermore, horsetail contains high concentrations of kynurenic acid which has shown benefits in terms of inflammation reduction and decreased pain throughout the body.

Horsetail also contains diuretic properties to assist your kidneys in flushing away excess fluid from your body and feel less bloated and lower blood pressure when combined with healthy diet.

Hair Growth

Horsetail has long been used as a medicinal plant due to its high silica content which promotes healthy skin, nails, hair, and bones. Furthermore, its diuretic effect helps reduce fluid retention as well as treat urinary tract infections and kidney stones naturally. Horsetail contains antioxidants which make it a valuable anti-inflammatory herb while its hemostatic and remineralising benefits are further benefits of using this herbal remedy.

Horsetail contains silicic acid which helps promote hair growth by strengthening brittle nails and stimulating new hair growth. Furthermore, its vitamins are essential in maintaining hair health; studies have demonstrated this when given to women experiencing self-perceived thinning hair who took dried horsetail extract and saw both new hairs grow as well as thickening in existing ones.

Before taking herbal or supplement products containing horsetail, it is recommended to speak to a trichologist (hair and scalp specialist). They will offer personalized plans tailored specifically to meet your individual needs and medical history while suggesting evidence-backed treatments that may also prove effective.