Native American Paint Horse Names

When choosing a name for your paint horse, keep its personality and unique features in mind. Adorable names will capture its adorable qualities while more distinctive names show its attitude and style.

Name your paint horse after something Native American to honor their culture and history. These horses have long been used by Native Americans for hunting and other uses, making their choice the perfect way to show gratitude for what this species means to you and them.


Name your horse with care to reflect both its character and appearance; female horses should receive sweet names while male horses need masculine ones. If your horse enjoys chasing butterflies, give it the name Nova which translates to dawn.

Native American tribes enjoy strong bonds with their horses and depend upon them for daily activities and survival. This connection is evident by the many beautiful names given to horses from within each tribe’s language and culture.

Finding the ideal name for your paint horse may be daunting, but doing so will bring out their true beauty and personality while creating an even stronger bond between owner and horse. Below are some great Native American horse names to help find an appropriate name that complements their markings and color.


Kaya is an intelligent, resourceful girl who enjoys exploring nature. She’s close with Speaking Rain and Two Hawks, as well as caring deeply for her family and friends. Kaya also happens to be an accomplished rider.

Names should reflect both its personality and appearance of your horse, from cute names that capture its sweetness to cool ones that reflect their attitude and style. Choose an imaginative fantasy name to bring out its quirky side.

Native Americans were deeply connected with nature, and many of their names reflect this relationship. You can honor a famous Native American by choosing a name inspired by their culture – for instance naming your female Paint horse Asha (hope), Chameli (flower) or Lona (beauty), while giving male Paint horses such as Viho (chief) and Hiamovi (whirlwind). This will show your respect and give honoring tribe and horse culture pride!


Paint horse names that highlight its distinct color and markings should be memorable and special, such as Eclipse or Moonbeam for horses with mixed dark and light markings or Ruby or Onyx for solid black-and-white Paints.

Native Americans were intimately tied to nature, so it’s no secret that many of the best paint horse names come from animals. One such example from Miwok tribe’s Mituna name means wrapping salmon in willow leaves while unique names include Jalen (flute girl) and Sitala (coyote hunting).

Give your paint horse an eye-catching name that evokes magic and mystery, creating an immersive experience for those who meet her. Give her something memorable that will ignite their imagination.


Native Americans enjoyed an intimate connection to nature and would often name their horses after animals or aspects of nature. For example, a spotted paint horse could be given names like Apollo for its vibrant hue or Denali for being North America’s tallest mountain.

Female paint horse names often take inspiration from various tribes. A dappled mare could be called Wachiwi or Lenmana from Sioux and Hopi tribes respectively. Other tribal names could include Orenda meaning magic power and Kamali meaning spirit guide.

An exquisite paint horse may be given names such as Kamali or Viho from Native American tradition. Other descriptive terms for your paint horse might include Checkered Flag, Domino, Ebony & Ivory or Black Beauty depending on its coat pattern or colors.


Native American beliefs were that horses were close relatives, so this horse breed has a deep association with their culture. This can provide inspiration when selecting a name for your animal. There are numerous choices which honor Lakota and Dakota tribes such as Orenda for instance.

Name your beautiful female horse something to reflect their character; for instance, Viho (which translates to chief) would make an excellent name choice.

There are also plenty of indigenous words which make for ideal names for female horses, such as Kaya from Sioux tribe that means dancing girl and Lenmana from Hopi tribe which means flute girl.


Native American culture places great value in natural themes for choosing Paint horse names; choosing such names honors both sides of this special relationship between Native Americans and horses.

Name your horse after its marking color! Brown is a common hue among Paint horses, so there are numerous names available that fit this theme – perhaps “Moonbeam” would make an excellent selection if your paint horse features both white and black markings.

Finally, you can choose a name to honor Native American deities for both male and female horses as well as some unisex horses. These names can serve both genders equally.


Native Americans considered horses an integral part of their culture and an auspicious symbol of strength, so many names reflect certain qualities or powers associated with each horse – for instance Medicine Hat Paint horses were so-named due to their distinctive colored markings which resembled that of a hat shape.

Your horse needs the perfect name to stand out in a crowd and create a strong bond between yourself and her, or vice versa. A cute name captures their adorable personality, while cool names emphasize attitude and style. These names may even draw from nature since Native American cultures were heavily intertwined with nature – such as Aurora being one example that symbolizes femininity and beauty.

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