Mexican Dancing Horses

dancing horses mexican

Horses have been a part of Mexican history and culture since they arrived aboard Spanish ships in the 1500’s. No better remainder of this combination of Old World and New World influences exists than the charro, or Mexican cowboy, and his horse. The horses competing in charreria, the national sport of rodeo, must be agile and well-tempered to fulfill the commands of their charros, whose traditional riding suits and wide-brimmed sombreros have become cultural icons.

The horses trained for charreria begin their careers at age 3. They are a combined breed, a cross between European thoroughbreds and native stock brought by the conquistadors. They must be able to perform all the maneuvers that comprise a charreria, including roping cattle and jumping over obstacles. The career of a charro horse runs a dozen years, but they may live for up to 15 if cared for exceptionally well. Calm demeanor and strength are prized over lightning speed, says Flores.

This video of a chariot pulling a pair of dancers across the stage is not only mesmerizing, but it also shows that these horses are well-trained and have great endurance. The dancers are dressed in traditional costumes and they have great grace. The music that is played in this video is very beautiful.

While this performance is enchanting, there are some concerns that this training technique might be cruel to the animals. For example, the horse is cross-tied while a person stands behind it with a whip. Then, they repeatedly hit the animal across the legs. This can cause injury to the horse, especially if the whip is used forcefully. It is very important that the trainers of these dancing horses are experienced and know how to handle their animals properly.

There are many different types of dancing horses in Mexico. Some of them are trained to dance and perform different tricks. Others are trained to act as mounts for acrobatic acts and martial arts displays. Some of these horses are even used as mounts for wedding ceremonies and other special events. Some of these horses are even bred to be dancing horses, meaning they have been trained to behave in certain ways during a specific event.

Aside from the fact that dancing horses are incredibly beautiful, they can also be very intelligent. These horses can learn a variety of different things, from walking in a circle to playing a musical instrument. Some of them can even do flips on the ground and jump off their backs. This is why some people consider them to be magical creatures.

For those who would like to experience a dancing horse show and learn more about how they are trained, a trip to Puerto de Canoas can be a great option. The area is known for its beautiful horses and a unique form of equestrian art. These horses are called Galiceno, and they come in a variety of colors, including roans, buckskins, black, chestnut, remello, line back duns, and palomino. They also can have pinto and appaloosa patterns in their coats.