How to Ride a Shire Horse

how to ride a shire horse

Shire horses are massive animals that have become famous for their beauty and strength. Their size, along with their calm and patient nature, makes them ideal riding mounts for people of all ages and experience levels. They were originally bred to work as draft horses, and they have a natural inclination to work. This means that they will quickly respond to verbal commands, and can be easily ridden by horse riders of any level of experience.

However, due to their large size and strength, shire horses do require an experienced rider to ensure their safety. They can deliver a strong kick that could break bones, so it is important to learn about the breed and understand their behavior before taking them out for a ride. In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions about riding a shire horse, including how to properly saddle one, how hard they can kick, and what they eat.

How to Ride a Shire Horse

The first step in learning how to ride a shire horse is finding a reputable breeder that specializes in this type of horse. Once you have found a breeder, visit their facilities and see how the horses are cared for. You will also want to interact with the horses and see how they react to you. You can also ask the breeder any questions you may have about their horses and what it takes to ride them.

Once you have found a good place to purchase your shire horse, make sure you are prepared for the expense of owning one. These beautiful creatures need a lot of food to sustain their weight and size. You will need to provide them with a variety of pasture, hay, and grain. You will also need to supply them with a large amount of supplements and medications to ensure they stay healthy.

As a draft horse, shire horses are intelligent and easily follow verbal cues. If you have ever seen a team of draft horses working together to plow a field, then you know how receptive they are to verbal commands. This makes them an excellent choice for horseback riding, and they will easily transition from their working life to the world of leisure riders.

While shire horses are great for riders of all levels, they do have some unique challenges that you should be aware of before you attempt to ride one. First, their immense size can pose some issues when it comes to tack up and mounting. They also have a tendency to spook, just like any other horse. This is why it is imperative that you have a trainer familiar with working with this breed and has extensive experience working with draft horses.

Once you are ready to ride, mount your shire horse using the same method that you would use for any other horse. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the bridle, and make sure you are using a proper fitting saddle. It is also a good idea to grab a handful of mane with your left hand as you climb aboard, which will give you something to hold on to and prevent you from putting too much pressure on the saddle and mouth while mounting. When mounted, gently guide your horse forward with the reins and keep a steady grip on them.