How to Make a Horse Head Wreath Form

horse head wreath form

A horse head wreath form is a great way to add some rustic charm to your home for the holidays. They are perfect for decorating your door or front entry way. You can make one of these in just a few easy steps and it’s a fun project for children (supervised) as well as adults.

For this wreath I used a pair of silver fur coat hangers that were straightened and then shaped into the shape of a horse head with pliers. A piece of moss was then placed over the top and secured with hot glue to prevent it from shifting. I used the O-rings to connect three straps together to mimic a traditional horse halter.

I used green pine branches to cover the rest of the frame and then trimmed them to shape as necessary. It’s a good idea to fluff your greenery before you start as this will help it look more natural and full. I also added a pine cone nose and wrapped it with floral wire to secure it.

Next I tied a piece of 1.5″ burlap ribbon around the nose. You can hot glue this if you want, but I prefer to use zip ties to keep it from coming undone. These will also be secure enough to withstand the elements.

After all the greenery was attached to the frame I topped it off with an oversized bow for a festive look. This would be a perfect wreath to display during the Holidays but could easily be changed out for a western theme or for a more neutral winter décor.

A final tip: Be sure to use plenty of small black zip ties to anchor your greenery to the frame. This will prevent it from moving during the wind and also keeps your wreath from falling off your door or wall.