How to Customize Horse Colors Totk in Hyrule Park

horse colors totk

When slamming Bokoblins and soaring over clifftops in Hyrule, you’ll want to make sure your horse looks as sleek and stylish as possible. Luckily, the game’s horses can be spruced up at Malanya for a reasonable price (or with a little bit of hard work and luck, you may even be able to pick up Link’s iconic steed Epona for free). The customization options include bridles, saddles, and mane colors. To get started, find a wild horse and bring it to the stable, registering it so you can return it later (just in case). Then, for a small fee, you can re-purchase its bridle and saddle or change its mane color without impacting its performance.

There are many different horse colors totk, and each one has its own unique look. The most common is a black or brown horse, but there are also many other options, including roan, palomino, and buckskin horses. Palomino horses are golden in color, while roan horses have white hairs interspersed with their coats. Buckskin horses are similar to palomino horses, but they have black legs and tails.

While you’re picking out a new steed, it’s also a good idea to name it. Choosing a name will help you bond with the horse and identify it when you’re riding through the wild, so be creative! You can always change a horse’s name later if you change your mind.

Horses are the fastest mode of transportation in the game, allowing you to travel quickly across Hyrule. While there are a variety of horses to choose from, it’s important to note that some have better stats than others. For example, solid-coloured horses have better speed and stamina than spotted ones. At first, you might want to go after a spotted horse because they are easier to tame.

You can purchase a new bridle and saddle from the stable for 20 rupees, but it’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for a bargain. If you’re lucky, you might even find a horse with a towing harness attached.

A roan horse has white hairs interspersed throughout its body, creating a shimmery effect. This is a great choice for a colorful horse, and some of the best names for this type include Perceval, Beacon, and Cloud Strife, a reference to the famous video game series. Other popular choices include Din, the goddess of power, and Impa, a loyal companion of Princess Zelda.