How Tall is the Tallest Horse in History?

Some horse breeds are known for their enormous sizes; these giant horses are frequently employed as draft and farm animals.

Shire horses are impressive-looking horses with tall and massive statures, yet these gentle giants make for enjoyable companions.

Big Jake was a Shire horse that held the Guinness World Record over a decade ago for reaching 6 feet 10 inches and three quarters (or, in horse speak, 20 hands).


Sampson was one of the largest horses ever known. Born in 1846 and standing 7 feet 2 inches at 7 years of age, he weighed over 3000 pounds – earning him the name Mammoth due to its enormous size and weight. A woman of average height could only reach his wither by standing on her toes!

According to the Bible, Samson was a young man renowned for his extraordinary physical strength. However, Delilah used this power for personal gain from Samson until Samson finally used it against them for oppressing Jewish populations – breaking both his vows along the way.

As a way of measuring horse height, hands were developed as a unit of measurement. Each hand equals four inches; therefore a horse measuring 16 hands stands 6 feet and 8 inches tall. There have been numerous horses who measured 20 hands or higher; Big Jake being one. Before his death in June 2009 he was considered the world’s biggest horse.

Poynette, Wisconsin will pay its respects to Big Jake by creating a memorial within one of his empty stalls and adding a plaque that reads, “In memory of the World’s Biggest Horse.

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme, born in 1928 and weighing 3,200 pounds at birth, was truly one of the largest horses ever. He stood 19.2 hands and measured 10 feet 2 inches around his body girth; due to its enormity he needed a 40-inch collar; in addition to being named Grand Champion at several state fairs.

Brooklyn Supreme was an immensely powerful animal who could often be found working hard on farms, pulling carts and ploughs with ease. These large dogs were immensely popular breeds among farmers who cared for them with great tenderness – even those as large as him like him had peaceful, gentle temperaments like Brooklyn Supreme! Despite his immense size, many owners loved him greatly; especially for his calm disposition.

The iconic Brooklyn Supreme lived until 1948 and settled down for retirement on a farm in Kentucky. He made headlines throughout his racing career for his strength, endurance and dominance on the track; becoming an inspiration to young horses while breathing new life into horse racing itself.

Average lifespan for horses ranges between 25-33 years, but some horses can outlive this average. Big Jake was an iconic Belgian chestnut gelding known for his endurance racing career as well as longevity, impressive speed, and endurance – winning several races over time at Belmont Stakes as part of that record run.


Goliath was an ancient Philistine warrior most renowned for being defeated in a battle by David, the shepherd boy who went on to become King of Israel. According to Telling Ministries’ analysis of ancient texts that describe Goliath’s height he stood four cubits and a span, roughly equivalent to that of modern shire horses.

Brooklyn Supreme, a Belgian draft horse, currently holds the record for tallest horse ever seen on Earth. At 19.1 hands or 6 feet 5 inches at his withers and weighing over 2,400 pounds, Brooklyn stands an astounding 19.1 hands high – or 6 feet 5 inches when standing up! He weighs over 2,400 pounds so much that his neck cannot reach to reach for grass grazing; instead he needs to spread out his front legs like a giraffe to be able to do his business!

A Priefert ranch in Ogallala, Texas owns and cares for this horse. He makes 100 to 150 appearances per year and covers 40,000 miles on his customized trailer, eating 18 pounds of Pilgrim’s Pride grain daily along with 40 pounds of Coastal Bermuda hay and 20 gallons of water each day; when fully extended he can jump 6 feet, 2 inches (1.8 meters).

Big Jake

Big Jake, a Belgian draft horse who reached an amazing 240 pounds as a foal and entered into the Guinness Book of Records over 10 years ago, captured many hearts worldwide as an amazing creature and crowd favorite at Wisconsin State Fair – leaving behind inspiring legacies of great horses that will inspire generations of horse enthusiasts for years to come.

Big Jake was born to parents of average height, yet it quickly became evident that he would be huge. At birth, Big Jake weighed 240 pounds; Gilbert knew this foal would become an exceptionally large horse and made special accommodations at his farm in Poynette, Wisconsin for him such as providing twice as large of a stall than regular horse’s as well as daily delivery of bales of hay and two to three buckets of grain for feeding purposes.

Big Jake competed in draft horse shows and became an unforgettable sight at Wisconsin State Fair. Retired at age nine, he spent his retirement years welcoming visitors to his farm while being an engaging presence at local events. When Big Jake passed away in 2021, Gilbert announced he would leave his stall empty in honor of him by placing a brick with his name and photo outside as a memorial tribute.

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