Horse Names For Black Horses

When selecting a name for your black horse, try to choose something that reflects their individual traits – be they color or personality.

For instance, if your horse sports a glossy coat and fast movements, consider calling him Onyx; alternatively he could go by Blaze or Umbraphile as these names suggest something about their nature.


Black horses have long been seen as symbols of elegance and dignity. Additionally, their presence has often served in war, making them powerful symbols. If you own one of these beautiful beasts, why not honor their noble qualities with an appropriate name like Bucephalus which translates to “ox head.” Or another biblical name such as Samael which means morning star?

Female black horses, known as mares, are known as fillies. You can give your filly names like Pepper or Pegasus that fit the pinto style with irregular patches such as pinto horses with peppercorn markings. If you like Tolkien then Ulairi or Nazgul are great names, or try Luna or umbraphile which means shadow lover – an excellent way to describe any dark steed such as Zorro from The Legend of Zorro.


If your black horse is either a gelding or stallion, consider choosing a name which emphasizes his dark hue. A great suggestion would be Nyx, as this refers to the night sky – something which many black horses find most welcoming!

Name your horse something that evokes images from the sky or universe, such as solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is an amazing event which turns the entire planet black before returning back to its vibrantly hued state – creating feelings of awe and wonder — qualities found within black horses themselves.

Alternately, you could opt for a star or celestial name such as Nova, Nebula, Cosmo. Perhaps opting for a pun-name like Blaze would work well when depicting a black horse with white stripes running down its nose (known as blazes). Or you could use an element name such as Iodine or Carbon.


Erebus is the Greek god of darkness. He is married to Nyx and their offspring include Night (Hypnos), Day (Hemera), Aether and Old Age (Geras). Erebus can manipulate life darkness (shadows that possess life or have the capacity to take it) so as to grant them wisdom or free will.

He is a proud deity who boasts of his power over other deities, particularly Unnamed Darkness and Scotus. However, he loves Nyx and Elpis fiercely and unconditionally.

Horse owners looking for names that honor the color black should consider this choice as an ideal one. Ebby would make an adorable nickname for younger horses. Additionally, this could also work well as a name associated with The Addams Family such as Gomez for a roan gelding and Wednesday for caustic fillies.


If your black horse features white highlights in its coat like stars or speckles, choosing a name to reflect them could be ideal. Oreo would work great for mares with white spots while Blaze works if there is an obvious white star on its forehead or shoulders; these names also suit horses with blazes on their backs, faces or feet.

Black horses have long been associated with strength and power, so their names should reflect this symbolism. You could consider using literary references when selecting their moniker; perhaps you could name your black horse after one of Tolkien’s Ringwraiths or its King Angmar?

Use science puns when naming your black horse, like Iodine for example – both its use in chemistry as well as being painted onto some horses!


White horses have long been associated with royalty, war heroes and knights; therefore black horses deserve names that reflect their elegance. Here is a list of names suitable for this breed to make sure that it stands out in a stable.

Names that sound elegant and luxurious for black horses can also show your appreciation for them. Naming them appropriately shows this.

Male black horse names can draw inspiration from jewels and precious stones such as onyx, which is a semiprecious gem with either shiny or matte surfaces. Blaze is another option suitable for male horses sporting white markings on their faces such as stripes.

Other masculine black horse names to consider include Ebony, which refers to dark wood. If you want your horse to have some flair and amusement then naming him Sirius might work, which is the surname of one of Harry Potter’s popular characters; or alternatively Angmar (king of Nazgul) from Lord of the Rings could work well too!


Owning a horse is a significant responsibility, and part of that task involves choosing an appropriate name for your new pet. There are various approaches you can take, but one great way is taking inspiration from nature or movies for inspiration when creating names for your horse.

If your black horse boasts an elegant and glossy coat, Onyx could be an appropriate name – this gem can come in both white or black variations and is known for its luminescent qualities. Additionally, names that refer to darkness such as Twilight, Dawn and Dusk make good options; these also work great if they feature star-like markings such as white spots on their rumps or shoulders.

Tornado, named by Zorro in the film series with the same name, makes an ideal name choice for black Friesian horses.






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