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horse colours mod

Curseforge boasts over 6 Million Downloads!

This makes available an abundance of new tack for horses. Use it to equip saddles, bridles and more!

This mod provides gender, gradual graying (accelerated), genetics that is biologically accurate, right clicking a horse gives gene profiles estimating traits such as speed, health and jump strength.


This mod adds a variety of colors and genetic traits to horses. According to its creator, it is the most bio-accurate mod of its kind; breeding can have effects on color, speed, health, jump height, as well as breeder fidelity based on real world genes which vary across animals related through breeding programs – more variants of same gene may mean increased likelihood that genes passed onto foals from related horses will pass down further down their lineage.

The mod features many variations on the three core horse colors (black, brown and chestnut), plus roan, white, pinto and leopard spotted horses as well as various genetic markings like frame overo and seal brown tobiano markings. Furthermore, each horse can be given the “graying” trait which gradually lightens their coat over five Minecraft days (configurable).

New 2k textures are used, as opposed to other mods which resize vanilla textures. This should work with any mod that changes the horse body mesh; however, manual installation and renaming of texture files will likely be required in order for those to work. Unfortunately, it will not work with mods that alter eyes/manes etc; however it should work fine with those changing only body and coat color – hence why it is recommended this mod be installed after any other horse mods have been installed.


No matter your taste or preference for horse tack, this mod offers something more distinctive than vanilla saddles and armor. Additionally, 381 new items to decorate your horses such as bridles, stirrups, reins as well as saddle pads collars blankets are added by this mod to give you even more options to select from.

This simple add-on makes it easier to check the stats of horses you’re interested in by right clicking them to display their speed and jump height in your inventory. Furthermore, this tool prevents horse griefing or theft, makes them teleport to you for use immediately upon being clicked, allows naming them and more!

This mod is essential for any Minecraft player who loves horses! Not only will you gain access to an extensive selection of new breeds, but the genetics system aims to be as biologically accurate as possible and includes chromosome linkage testing designed to reflect real life; foals also mature gradually rather than instantly as in vanilla mode – while adding dilute colors can add even further color diversity for your horses!

Manes & Tails

Manes and tails play an integral part in a horse’s appearance, helping keep its neck warm in cold weather, providing some fly protection, while showing emotional expression (evidenced by an angry horse swishing its tail).

The Manes and Tails mod adds various styles of manes, from braids and swooshes to scalloped manes. Tails can also be styled for style; either by shaving them short, trimming to the tip, or leaving long and wild for flair. Multiple options exist for coloring the tail as well.

Genes that affect color, speed, health and jump height are available through recessive or dominant traits, including those which control these aspects of traits such as agouti, dun, cream and pearl, black buckskin chestnut gray silver dapple tobiano roan frame overo splashed white tobiano roan frame overo frame overo roan frame overo splashed white tobiano and leopard complex mushrooms champagne tiger eye brindled grulla and more are all present within the mod’s folds of gene options available within this mod’s gene set.

This simple mod enables players to quickly view the stats of any horse (or donkey) by right clicking with a book open in their inventory and right-clicking. This feature can be especially beneficial when breeding horses; as it allows players to quickly ascertain how fast, jump strength, color, etc of each one without breeding until reaching desired color is reached.


The mod adds several types of horses that can be found throughout your world, including dun, palomino, bay, black and buckskin horses as well as gray, roan white pinto and leopard-spotted variants. Each color can be combined with various patterns for additional markings and variations in appearance.

Bay is the most widely accepted color for horses, comprising of reddish-brown coats with black points (such as manes, tails and legs) that feature the color. Very dark bays may also be known as seal brown or dark chestnut; lighter shades known as mahogany bay or sorrel may also exist.

Silver horses possess one cream dilution gene that gives their coats golden, yellow or tan hues with white mane and tails and very pale eyes, creating stunning looks.

Sabinos refer to a family of spotting patterns characterized by white markings on a dark background, usually around the neck and shoulders. Common traits among sabinos include large blazes, tall stockings and patches of white on flanks and barrel.

This mod also adds various white pattern genes, such as frame overo and patch white, that affect how white pigment is distributed on horses ranging from subtle spots of white to an all-over blotchy appearance. Some white spotting genes have pleiotropic effects – meaning mutation in one gene could have different results in other body systems.