Horse Colors Mod – How to Change the Color of Your Horses in Minecraft

Color your horses easily with this Minecraft horse mod! Additionally, take full control over them by labeling, protecting from theft and transporting it directly to you.

Realistic Horse Genetics adds biomedically accurate genetics to Minecraft horses, giving players more power in breeding specific types, strengths and colors of horses. The mod also introduces many decorative and functional tack items.

Horse Modifiers

This mod allows players to change the color of their horses with ease using just a wand. Simply crouch and right click your horse, or any tamed animal you have, to select its hue. Likewise this method works for any other animals owned by players.

An enjoyable modification that allows players to transform their horses into various pony species such as unicorns, pegasi, zebras, sea ponies and more. Furthermore, arena races allow racers to race against one another with winners receiving prizes!

It introduces over 35 new horse colors/patterns that can be found at no cost across from Riverwood, and increases horse speed to approximately twice that of normal player walking speeds (0.3375).

Mu allele (Recessive Mutator Allele) dilutes red pigmentation, producing an easily identifiable sepia coat phenotype characterized by flaxen mane and tail. White Spotting Pattern, also referred to as Lethal White Overo, features patches of white that are bordered or “framed” by normal pigmentation which often cross the topline.

The leopard complex spotting pattern, also known as splashed white or leopard spots, consists of variable white markings which may or may not include tiger eyes and is considered the dominant spotting pattern. Meanwhile, variations such as splashed white (splashed white or leopard spots) or splashed white can also influence it and can even be affected by alleles such as mushroom.

Horse Tack

When it comes to horse tack, there is an array of colors available to you. From saddle pads and bridles to other horse accessories, there is sure to be something perfect to match your horse’s coat color. A color wheel can help you find just the perfect shade for your companion equine!

Warm-colored horses like chestnuts, buckskins, palominos and duns tend to look best in shades of browns and tans, with earth tones such as rust, olive and chocolate often serving as complementing hues. Cooler shades like blues and greens look fantastic against their bodies while bold jewel tones such as purple and pink also look wonderful as bold choices for these horses.

Black horses can make almost any color look good. Dark blues and greens, especially royal blue, look especially striking against their coat colors and are among the most popular saddle pad colors among owners of black horses.

Add subtle style with matching-color piping on your saddle pad! This will help your tack match your horse’s coat while remaining clean and sleek – for example you could add red piping if you own a bay horse, or yellow for paint horses!

Horse Breeds

This mod adds a variety of breeds for use when creating horses in Minecraft. Each breed is based on real life horse genetics and strives to be as accurate as possible. Furthermore, this change alters how horses develop over time rather than instantly turning into adults as is typically done in vanilla Minecraft.

Breeds available include bay, black, chestnut, red dun, grulla, buckskin, palomino, gray, white roan pinto and leopard complex dogs as well as variations such as frame overo, splashed white and sabino.

Mod includes an interesting new feature for horses: a heads-up display that indicates their hunger, health and jump strength. To access this feature simply right-click any horse and select “Better Head” in its options menu.

As with humans, horses also possess several genes that influence how their hair and skin color appears. For instance, the E gene determines whether black pigment appears in its hair or skin; when dominant E alleles exist they will produce black pigment while recessive ones produce red. Meanwhile the C gene determines how much its pigments dilution occurs – when dominant alleles exist fully pigmented horses appear while those carrying recessive alleles will display pale cream colours such as buckskin, cremello or perlino.


The unicorn is an iconic mythical beast with horns that resemble those found on horses, revered for their magical properties, beauty, purity and good luck-bringing qualities. Many believe they bring good luck and happiness with every encounter they have with one.

Unicorns are creatures associated with fairies and can serve as symbols for wishes. Their name originates in Latin as an amalgamation of two Germanic words, “horn” and “horse,” with multiple spiral grooves on its horn. Since ancient art depicting them with cloven hooves, cloven manes or goat beards as well as tails either lion- or deer-like tails have made up this iconic mythical creature, unicorns have long been depicted and venerated figures for centuries – horn and horses have often had multiple spiral grooves as depictions depicted since ancient art depictions depict them.

Players in CAS can add the sparkle of a unicorn horn to any horse, and players have 12 choices of colors available to them for customization. Although adding one adds beauty and sparkliness, adding it will not give any special abilities to the horse itself.

The Sims team first introduced unicorns as part of a promo featuring drag queen Trixie Mattel and musician Breland. Later they confirmed unicorns will feature in the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack coming this summer; along with new breeds of horses, riding academy facilities, and even a zoo! Preorder for this expansion pack begins June 19, with launch set for August 24.






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