Horse Birthday Party Favors and Games

If your daughter loves horses, a birthday party themed around this breed would certainly impress. Bowling and skating parties may have their place; but for something truly spectacular consider planning a ride-on or stables-based event instead!

Create your very own customized cake with an adorable carousel horse cookie cutter! Finish the look off with hay bales, fabric saloon backdrop, hayshoe toss games and thrilling Sack Race games for an unforgettable Cowgirl party experience!


Organize a birthday party themed around horses if your child loves horses! Horse themed birthday parties make the perfect celebration, perfect for both boys and girls of any age, offering fun games, activities, favors, decorations and much more – everything from games and activities to favors and decorations – whether hosting it in your own home or at a stable – there are numerous horse themed items that can be purchased both online and at most big box stores.

At the core of any successful horse theme party lies sending out invitations designed around equestrian themes. These printable invitations can be customized with event details for an unforgettable party experience; alternatively you could opt for smartphone-formatted invites which fit on phone screens while printing two per page.

Once all your guests have been invited, it’s time to start planning food and favors for the party. One fun idea for kids would be turning Rice Krispie treats into hay bales; other sweet treats suitable with horse themes include chocolate-covered horseshoes or cake pops.

As an appetizer or savory treat, consider creating horse-shaped sandwiches. With a cookie cutter and some brown paper or string, making horse-shaped sandwiches should be simple enough. Or why not serve horse-shaped pretzels instead? For added flair at an event such as this, hire a face painter or henna artist?


Make your horse birthday party extra memorable by adding some horse-themed games and favors as party favors. Personalizing some items to give each child something extra for attending will add an extra special touch; perhaps attach name tags to hats and tees and pass out these keepsakes as party favors; print their name or event date on them for extra customization!

Rice Krispie treats made to look like hay bales make great party favors, or cupcakes decorated with adorable horseshoes can also make great keepsakes. Furthermore, an equestrian themed pinata or ring toss game featuring plush horses make excellent games of fun at any equestrian themed celebration!

An ideal option for party favors are simple horse themed bundles that include favors, cards and invitations – this makes assembly quick and simple! Other ideas for DIY favors that save time include attaching pieces of yarn as mane on solid color note cards for quick manes or using cute carousel horse stickers on bandanas to tell guests to wear them to your event; or simply creating paper horse heads (or purchasing cardboard ones from craft stores) to place on front of cards with googly eyes as faces!


Horse-themed games are an engaging way to get party guests in the spirit of celebration. Pin the tail on the donkey is a timeless classic; add an equestrian touch by using a large cardboard cutout of an actual horse instead, blindfolding players, or using bandanas as blindfolds. Ring toss games are another entertaining option that get everyone involved, or host a contest where guests decorate their pony tail with beads and ribbons – give prizes to the prettiest, craziest or neatest designs!

Set up an art station featuring crafts related to horses, such as paper plate wreaths with horseshoe shapes or cowboy hats crafted from fabric or yarn twisted together. A face painter could also decorate kids’ faces with horse drawings and designs or provide temporary tattoos as another fun option for decoration at your party.

Kids will adore taking home a horse-themed favor like this bundle of six stuffed plush horses that features ponies, unicorns and zebras – perfect for filling a horse-shaped drawstring favor bag as a thoughtful present for each guest at your event! Other horse-related favor ideas may include carousel horse trinket boxes, horse-shaped candy boxes or miniature horse figurines – set these out as centerpieces on party tables or scatter them throughout the room for maximum impact!


If horses are your daughter’s favorite animals, consider hosting her party at a stable or equestrian venue nearby. Guests will be able to tour the facilities while witnessing close up encounters between guests and horses – an unforgettable experience for her and her guests! While this option might cost more, it will definitely create lasting memories!

Decorate the party venue to look like a horse barn with bales of hay and lanterns. If your budget permits it, rent some pony rides for children of all ages to enjoy during your horse-themed party theme. Pony rides provide safe yet exciting fun that fits right in with any horse-related celebration!

Horse-themed decorations can be purchased either online or at craft stores. Personalized horse tees and hats make great party favors that your guests will adore; paper cutouts of horses with Stetson hats or stables make ideal decor pieces for decorating the party table.

Purchase of a horse-themed party package can make gathering all of the supplies for an event easier. Most packages include invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks and spoons, activity placemats, napkins centerpieces as well as balloons confetti wall decorations and horse balloons. Additional essentials could include pinata fillers or filler pinatas as well as western candy buffet bags red bandannas or assorted straw cowgirl hats to complete your theme party theme!






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