Gymnastics Items For Sale

gymnastics items for sale

Your gymnast needs basic equipment in order to begin practicing their skills at home, such as safety-tested gym mats at an affordable price that looks good too! When starting to train at home it is possible to find good-quality pieces that pass all safety requirements that also look great – all from one convenient source!

Balance beams are essential tools in gymnastic training, but traditional competition beams, which measure 16 feet long, may be too big for your gymnast’s home environment. Instead, try searching for foam balance beams which sit lower to the ground.


The barrel is an effective piece of equipment that can help improve core strength, spine flexibility and hip mobility. Additionally, it makes an ideal addition to Pilates workouts by providing added variety.

A barrel is a large cylindrical wooden container featuring slightly bulging sides made from hooped staves hooped together and featuring flat parallel ends. A barrel serves both as an object of measure (typically 31.5 gallons of liquid or 105 dry quarts of fruits and vegetables) as well as being the cylindrical component from which a gun’s projectile emanates.


A block, also referred to as a quad bar station, enables gymnasts to practice multiple drills and skills all in one convenient location. Each corner contains four single bars for practice of various drills or skills.

Mental blocks can be scary for both gymnasts and coaches. While the urge to “fix” an unresponsive skill is understandable, doing so only reinforces an innate danger response in the brain and may not lead to lasting change. Instead, teach skills step-by-step; this teaches components of more advanced moves while building confidence in its practitioners.


Sliders can help strengthen core muscles and stabilizers while challenging traditional exercises to increase their difficulty and help increase mobility and balance. Furthermore, sliders may reduce back injuries by relieving some of the pressure placed upon the spine.

Sliders can be easily found in home improvement sections of general merchandise stores. Not only do they make for an effective addition to any workout, their two-sided design enables you to intensify any movement – such as forearm plank with toes on a slider – they’re great way to engage your abs, hips, and butt muscles!


Trapezoids are quadrilaterals with two parallel pairs of sides. They may also feature non-parallel edges known as legs that extend into non-parallel ones – this distance between legs is known as altitude.

Trapezoids can be divided into three different types: right, isosceles and scalene, each having unique properties which should be understood when making decisions using this shape. Their area can be calculated by multiplying their bases together before adding their heights; or you could use the formula “base x height = square.” For ease of calculation it’s also useful to divide this figure by three: right (right bases and height combined plus height added); isosceles (two bases together plus height added together); or by multiplying their bases together and adding their height – or use either formula mentioned above!). When working with any trapezoid it’s important that its important properties become apparent before beginning any project involving this shape: right; isosceles (isosceles); scalene (which has different properties) so when using one shape properly when working with this geometric figure.

Kip Trainer

Kipping is an integral skill on the bars, yet many gymnasts find it challenging to develop strength and timing to execute this move properly. A great way for gymnasts to practice this move in their home environment is with a kip trainer.

This metal training bar can easily be assembled and disassembled for convenient storage in smaller spaces, as it has a compact assembly process. Plus, its low 35″ height is great for toddlers while extended height options up to 50″ provide enough height variation. Plus it supports weight up to 150 lb!

Handstand Homework Mat

The Handstand Homework Mat provides gymnasts with a safe environment in which to practice handstands at home, complete with padding to protect when they fall. In addition, this tool helps instructors teach correct handstand shape – something crucial for both beginner and experienced gymnasts.

This home beam offers gymnasts the feeling of competing on a competition beam without leaving home, making assembly simple. Additionally, when not in use it folds up neatly to save space – recommended by elite-level coaches like Tammy Biggs and Fun Sticks! In addition, Tom Forster (USA Gymnastics National Team Coordinator) created a 60-page instructional Handstand Homework Book as part of this system.

Panel Mat

Panel mats are essential equipment in gymnastics and cheerleading. Not only do they offer safety for beginners learning new skills while simultaneously decreasing risk of injury.

These mats come in various sizes. Some fold into 2 feet-wide sections for easy transport and storage, while others feature clips to attach them securely to walls or fences and create cushioned landing areas.

These mats feature Velcro on both ends for seamless connection, making a larger surface. Some even come equipped with handles to make transport easy and are lightweight for easy workouts.

Stability Ball

Stability balls – often called exercise or Swiss balls–are a staple in gyms, studios and physical therapy sessions as they increase core strength while improving balance, coordination and increasing flexibility.

Attaining stability on an unstable surface forces body awareness, helping build your confidence while also increasing awareness of form during exercises such as the balance push-up.

If you’re fearful of an exercise ball popping, opt for one equipped with anti-burst technology which allows it to slowly deflate rather than rapidly expanding. Also look for models equipped with hand pumps and air stoppers so inflating will be simple.


Gymnastic rings (also referred to as still or stationary rings) are an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone serious about strength training. Ideal for upper body exercises and challenging your muscles in new ways than other equipment, gymnastic rings offer unique challenges that set them apart from their competitors.

Wooden rings provide an effective and inexpensive way to strengthen small stabilizing muscles that may not be engaged as often with static equipment, as well as increase time under tension to build muscle more rapidly. A quality set can cost less than a monthly gym membership fee and easily set up and offer an array of exercises.