Fun Horse Birthday Party Favors

horse birthday party favors

If your child loves horses or ponies, consider hosting a horse themed birthday party! With these creative ideas for celebrating in style, your party guests are sure to remember it fondly.

FancyCelebration’s Wild Horses Tablecloths coordinate perfectly with napkins and plates in order to create a cohesive theme across your decorations. Additionally, these tablecloths feature mares and foals – fun images perfect for a horse themed celebration!

Equestrian Venue or Stables

For an unforgettable birthday experience, why not rent out an equestrian venue or stables for their birthday celebration? Your children will always remember this eventful celebration as they remember every detail fondly!

Westchester County’s Old Salem Farm offers budget-conscious horse enthusiasts an outdoor horse-related activity venue, where children can tour the stables and meet some of the resident horses.

For an equestrian-themed party, use games such as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” or Stetson hat station to add fun. Make sure that tarp or newspapers are placed down as protection and prepare to get messy! Horse-themed hats and stickers can be found at craft stores or you could create your own with simple DIY projects such as Hana of MomTog Diaries’ Ring Toss project for Halle’s 8th birthday celebrations.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a timeless kids’ party game that never fails to bring excitement. Available as a kit with plastic game boards featuring partying donkeys and self-stick fringed tails for each donkey tail, as well as simple instructions, you can purchase this classic game kit today and make any celebration an overwhelming success.

Create your own fun version of the game at home using just some basic supplies and some time. This project could even double up as an excellent craft activity with your children!

To play, start by blindfolding one player and spinning them in a stationary circle to disorient them, before handing them a tail that they must attach to a donkey’s rear end – this game works great for winter indoor parties as well as summer outdoor events!

Stetson Hat Station

Stetson hats are iconic symbols of Western lifestyle and American dream. Constructed from straw or genuine fur felt material, Stetsons provide protection from sun, wind, and rain elements alike.

An exciting way to celebrate a Western birthday party is with a “Git Your Gear Here” table, where guests can dress for the occasion – cowboy hats, bandannas, sheriff badges and stick ponies would make great decorations on a checkered table cloth with a printable sign welcoming all.

Use the same tablecloth from above as inspiration for your party decorations, then pair Wild Horses balloons by Lamkariche that match up perfectly with its horse and foal pattern to bring continuity throughout. They would make an adorable cake topper or gift bag item!

Pony Rides

Pony rides can be an enjoyable part of children’s parties, but their impact on animals may not be positive. Most pony rides involve ponies being tied down on turnstiles or used on carousels which treat them like nonliving carnival equipment rather than as living beings.

Be brave – take your kids horseback riding! They will treasure this experience that helps build their confidence, self-esteem and the ability to learn from experiences instead of preconceived expectations.

If pony rides are beyond your budget, consider horse-themed cakes or cupcakes instead; these easy-to-make treats double as party favors. Or create Rice Krispie treats shaped as hay bales topped with chocolate horseshoes as party favors to give away at your event. Guests will take them home as party mementos.

Custom Tees or Hats

Provide guests with T-shirts or hats to help them feel special at your event and as something to take home and remember it by. Customize these mementos with party details such as date and birthday child’s name or make them age-appropriate and generic.

Setting the scene for any party with horse-themed tablecloth and napkins can make an event truly unforgettable. TackyNutPartyStore’s Western Plates come equipped with cowboy boots, sheriff badges, and western hats for an eye-catching design!

Pinatas with horse themes make excellent birthday games. PinatsandpartyShop’s Horseshoe Mini Pinata will keep all guests amused. For girl horse parties, add these Girl Horse Candles by CandlegaragecraftsGB as decorations – their simple yet cute design will look fantastic on any cake.

Horseshoe Name Holders

Attain an equestrian feel in your table settings easily with these horseshoe name holders! Use them to place each guest’s personalized name tag or even as an eye-catching way of displaying table numbers.

Give your young cowgirls an authentic Western experience with fun horse-themed games and activities! Horseshoe Toss or Sack Race will surely get the adrenaline going while Gold Rush Treasure Hunt or line dancing are more relaxed activities that offer something different altogether.

Add an equestrian flair to some of your birthday party games by adding horse-related themes, like BlimeyBox’s Horse Jeopardy game or PinatsandpartyShop’s horseshoe mini pinatas – not forgetting these horse head shaped lollipops by APocketFullofSweets that make perfect horse-themed dessert treats!

Horse-Themed Party Favors

An exciting horse birthday party will delight any horse-obsessed girl. To help you plan one for her or anyone else, this page provides plenty of ideas and resources.

Girl horse themed party favors from CandlegaragecraftsGB are sure to be a big hit, such as these adorable girl horse candles. They pair beautifully with cakes featuring horses!

If your party will include older children, horse crafts such as this deco patch horse craft by DecopatchStore might be perfect. With help from their parents and the joy of making something so cute and adorable! The kids will have loads of fun creating this adorable creation!

Other fun games offered by BlimeyBox include Horse Jeopardy where guests test their knowledge of horses, facts about them and other trivia. Or try Panning for Gold by PinatasandpartyShop where guests use plastic baby pools filled with sand and water to search for coins that might represent “gold.”