French Names For Animals

french names for animals

If your furry bestie has a je ne sais quoi that’s all his or her own, consider naming him or her one of these French dog names. Whether you want to recall your favorite Parisian vacay spot or honor the famous French artists and writers who influenced modern culture, these fanciful moniker options are sure to charm and delight.

From food and beverage to fashion and architecture, these French pet names evoke all the things you love about your pooch. For a pup with a palate for the finer things, name your Frenchie after a delectable treat or a famous culinary icon. And for the fashionista with a penchant for haute couture, these French designer-inspired names will make your pooch feel très chic.

Having a hard time deciding on a name for your French bulldog? If you’re a Francophile with a passion for fashion, the name Blanche could be the perfect fit. It’s a feminine version of the male name Jean, which is also an ideal pick for pampered Parisian pups.

Or, opt for a more regal monicker with the name Louis. It’s a classic French name that pays tribute to the most popular monarch of France and would be fitting for a royal doggo.

For a girl doggo, you could opt for the sweet and whimsical name Gigi. It’s a cute nickname for Georgette and Giselle, and it’s perfect for Frenchies or poodles. Or, if you’re looking to honor the legendary French painter Paul Cezanne, the name Cecilia can be a wonderful choice. Her art helped bridge the impressionism and cubism styles, and her life was a true inspiration for many artists.

There’s also the charming name Belle, which carries the same beauty as the princess from “Beauty and the Beast.” And for your pint-sized pup, you could choose the name chouquette, which is a type of bite-sized French pastry.

If you’re a fan of French film and literature, some of the famous French authors and poets would be an excellent choice for your pet. Try Amour for a lovable puppy, or Belle for your Disney-loving companion.

Finally, if you’re a big fan of the word c’est magnifique, you can’t go wrong with this tres adorable name. And if you’re the owner of a rescued pup, a French name like Chanceux will be a perfect reminder of how lucky you were to find your new best friend.

There are lots of other fanciful French pet names to choose from. Just be sure to think about the pronunciation of your French pet name and the meaning behind it before making a final decision. Otherwise, your furry little Frenchie may be more than a bit confused about the meaning of his or her name.