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French horse breeders have taken note of the growing interest for Selle Francais eventers all over the world – in Rio alone half of Germany’s Olympic team rode one!

Katherine McMahon and Alize Jeandon have created an innovative business to connect horse enthusiasts with their desired horses in France.

Selle Francais

Selle Francais horses are tall, muscular horses renowned for competing at the highest levels of equestrian sport. These French breeds are famed for their intelligence, courage and willingness to work. Additionally, these Selle Francais horses possess quick learning capabilities as well as possess a competitive spirit which make them excellent mounts for riders looking for victory.

Selles horses are excellent show jumpers, but can also be found competing at upper level three day eventing and dressage competition. Their stamina makes them suitable for handling the demands of three day events where riders must compete a show jumping round, cross country course and dressage test all within one weekend.

Selle Francais horses are muscular, athletic horses with powerful hindquarters that make them skilled jumpers. Usually standing between 15-17 hands in height, their graceful movement under saddle makes them sought-after riders. Though available in various colors such as chestnut and bay coats.

Selle Francais are ideal horses for amateur riders seeking to compete at the highest levels of equestrian sports. Calm and trainable, they make great teaching horses for beginners while their friendly nature makes them excellent companions at home or the beach. Not to mention they often jump with energy!


Dutch Warmbloods are an athletic breed known to excel at show jumping competitions and Olympic games, and are frequently found as mounts at beginner and amateur riders’ stables. Easy for novice riders and competitive amateur riders, Dutch Warmbloods can also be crossbred with German, French and Thoroughbred horses to produce sporthorses that excel at dressage, hunting and show jumping competitions; additionally they’re well-mannered and highly intelligent – an excellent option for children’s riding lessons!

The Dutch Warmblood breed is managed by the Koninklijke Warmblood Paardenstamboek Nederland (KWPN-NA) registry, and can be divided into three varieties depending on their intended use: Gelders are generally employed on farms while Riding variety horses compete in driving competitions and dressage, show jumping and hunter classes.

Beautiful gelding with incredible talent over fences and an excellent jumping technique, who is easy to handle, vice free and unbroken; recently fully vetted as well. A true future star!

Sport Horses

Sport horses are a breed composed of multiple different breeds of horses that are used for traditional equestrian sporting events like show jumping, eventing and combined driving. In order to be used effectively these horses must be strong, balanced, agile and be able to carry riders over difficult obstacles or rugged terrain without strain or difficulty; also important is having well-trained horses that remain calm under pressure.

Sport horses are bred according to three criteria: structure, movement and temperament. Stallions and mares are inspected for these traits before approval for breeding is given. Sport horses also undergo competition judging – for stallions this usually means having attained high performance in one discipline alone as enough evidence of worthiness to get them accepted into breeding programs like CSHA. This helps integrate talented athletes into its breeding population.

Sport horses tend to possess long necks, short compact backs and muscular croups with muscular musculature for balance on the forehand and elevation during collection. Furthermore, length of shoulder and width of chest play an essential part in providing power in hindquarters.

Additionally, the head should be refined and elegant with large eyes and ears, along with sloping shoulders and deep chests – features which contribute to fluidity and grace of movement in dressage.


The hunter-jumper division of competitive horseback riding focuses on judging a horse’s performance in a show ring. The discipline assesses speed, technicality, and performance abilities in addition to speed. Only elite horses typically participate in this discipline but there are other means by which horses may be trained and ridden as well.

Hunters are individuals who stalk and kill wild game for recreational or subsistence purposes. Hunters use various weapons and hunting methods such as traps, snares, pits, decoys and camouflage techniques in order to remain unnoticed; early hunters often used dogs as tracking partners and hunting companions.

The term hunter comes from Old English huntere, huntsman or honter – verbs which derive from “to hunt.” It refers to any individual or animal who hunts game for recreational or professional reasons as well as spider species that specialize in insect hunting.

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