Fly Boots For Horses

horse fly boots

Fly boots provide protection for horses against irritating and painful insect bites, and reduce pacing and stomping behavior which could otherwise lead to hoof cracking, loose shoes, joint problems or anxiety for sensitive horses.

Fly leg wraps that provide season-long protection are well-fitted, featuring adjustable straps or rubber binding that keep them securely in place. Mary’s Tack & Feed’s selection of fly boots offer low prices with premium quality at unbeatably affordable prices.

Shoo Fly Boots

Shoo fly boots (or shoofly boots) are essential horse care equipment that protect horses from insects, while still providing comfort and safety to them. Although their differences in spelling might seem minor, this speaks volumes about language usage – even small variations can alter our pronunciation or comprehension of words and terms. Neither the variation in spelling affects its meaning or effectiveness of this gear which serves to keep biting insects away from horses while providing comfort and safety for both them and you!

These patented fly boots are manufactured in the US from flexible plastic mesh that allows air circulation while featuring sewn-in plastic stays to prevent sagging. Easy to attach using heavy-duty Velcro fasteners, they’re comfortable for your horse and help prevent painful fly bites while simultaneously relieving leg soreness, joint pain, stomping, joint stiffness and stomping while providing full coverage from knee to cornet band without restricting range of motion or blood flow.

These breathable fly leggings may get dirty over time, necessitating frequent washing. But their low cost – approximately $35 for four sets – make them a good option for anyone who uses their boots season after season without wanting to invest in more costly leggings.

Professional’s Choice

State Line Tack offers fly masks and boots designed to shield your horse’s face from flying insects that can irritate their skin, bite painfully, and potentially spread disease. Choose products like the Professional’s Choice Comfort Lycra Fly Mask which features soft stretchy material designed to conform perfectly with his facial structure and easily slips on/off to help keep flies at bay from his eyes and ears.

Professional’s Choice has been in business for more than four decades since founder Dal Scott was injured during a riding accident and became inspired to develop therapeutic equine products for horses’ safety and wellbeing. From then on, their mission has always been first and foremost.

Signature items by this company are created with comfort in mind; when horses feel good they perform better. Check out their full range of fly boots, bell boots, protection boots and ballistic overreach boots available now.

Professional’s Choice Deluxe Fly Boots boast heavy-duty, highly breathable mesh material designed to prevent rips and tears for lasting use. Their contoured shape, hook-and-loop straps and hook-and-loop buckles create a custom fit without over tightening, which helps reduce stamping while keeping them up around legs to reduce rubbing or sores. Furthermore, this pair includes soft neoprene bottoms to ensure maximum horse comfort.

Kensington Fleece Trimmed Fly Boots

Kensington Fleece Trimmed Fly Boots provide an effective means of protecting your horse’s lower legs from insects. Lightweight and comfortable, they allow air circulation around the leg while also offering some sun protection – essential features for horses with lighter skin types.

They are constructed from Textilene mesh fabric which is both breathable and UV protective, featuring fleece trim for extra comfort. At 78% air permeable they help your horse’s legs remain cool and dry during extreme weather conditions and are resistant to fading, fire, mildew and soiling as well as water repellent properties; furthermore they block 73% of harmful UV rays!

Fleece helps prevent rubs, while boots feature three hook-and-loop straps for security and an integrated plastic stay system hidden under the fleece trim to keep them upright and in place on your horse’s leg, even if he stomps on them.

Horse stomping can be damaging to both feet and legs, leading to bruises, sores, abrasions and other forms of discomfort for both horse and rider alike. Stomping may even cause loss of shoes and hoof cracks which cause minor lameness issues for your horse. Fly boots may help your horse relax by relieving his discomfort without pestering him from pests during feed time – ideal for relaxing an uncomfortable horse and giving him peace of mind as they enjoy eating without pest-borne bugs being bothered from pests!

Hilason Fly Boots

Hilason fly boots are designed to protect horses’ lower legs from flies while simultaneously reducing stress and damage caused by constant stomping to clear away bugs, which is an extremely damaging practice that often leads to injuries such as tendon rupture. They’re made from soft fabric which protects skin from irritation or abrasion and makes for easy application/removal; fitting securely is simple even while trotting or galloping!

Fly boots provide another benefit in that they allow air circulation around the legs, helping prevent overheating while protecting from insects such as mosquitoes. Fly boots can also protect horses recovering from wounds as they will prevent dirt and insects from getting in to their open cuts.

The Saxon Mesh Fly Sheet is an affordable option available in an assortment of colors and patterns. Extra durable, it provides up to 70% UV protection but may be less breathable for horses that get hot easily; however, its detachable neck cover and belly wrap provide additional protection. Furthermore, this water-resistant sheet can withstand weather extremes.