Flex-On Stirrups

These French-crafted stirrups offer high-end performance and maximum comfort during competitive equestrian sport, helping reduce shock absorbtion during rides while lessening muscle work. A must for any rider seeking relief from knee or ankle pain!

Green Composite and Safe-On models feature an outer arm which opens if you fall off your horse (requiring 40 kg weight to trigger it). Furthermore, these stirrups are overmolded using environmentally friendly polyamide.

Elastomer springs

Green Composite Flex-On stirrups have been developed with innovative shock absorption technology in mind to deliver an exceptional ride, cushioning the rider’s movements while significantly improving technical performance. This is achieved via an internal steel frame reinforced by polymer outer shell and built-in elastomers on footbed bases reducing strain on rider knees and ankles.

GC2 stirrups feature an innovative safety feature in their footbed: an elastic arm on the outer side that disengages upon impact with an obstacle and prevents riders from getting caught in their stirrups if they fall. This system comes in 17 frame colours to enable riders to customize their flex-on stirrups as per personal taste.

Engineered by an accomplished show jumper and engineer, these revolutionary shock absorbing flex-on stirrups offer riders comfort, accuracy and solid support while being lightweight enough for them to jump more easily without fatigue, as well as improve their riding technique and improve riding technique.

The Green Composite Flex-On range of shoes are constructed from organically sourced materials with an internal steel core and strong yet lightweight aluminium alloy shell to prevent breakage. They also include specially angled stirrup tread and offset eye to help achieve ideal leg position without strain on hips, knees or ankles; additionally the Ultra-Grip tread features small metal points embedded within its surface to increase grip for maximum support and safety.

Ultra-grip tread

These stirrups feature an inclined Ultra Grip tread with metal points designed to secure the rider’s boot for an optimum connection between rider and horse’s side. Strong yet lightweight, they can be customized easily using Flex-On Magnets that come in an assortment of colors.

Flex-On’s footbed features shock absorbing elastomers designed to absorb shockwaves that could damage knees and ankles, relieving pressure from legs while simultaneously aiding correct posture. Sport Controle, a French organisation specialising in biomechanical assessments for sports-related products, conducted an assessment on Flex-On and its results show less muscle work while less impact was felt upon joints.

Besides featuring elastomer springs and an inclined footbed, flex-on has an additional system designed to reduce vibration and discomfort for riders while riding, creating a more relaxing riding experience. This is accomplished via small studs built into its footbed that don’t puncture boots but instead provide firm grip against them when needed.

Flex-on stirrups feature elastomers that provide significant comfort to riders, making a big difference from standard stirrups that cause pain or discomfort for many riders. Furthermore, their improved design enables riders to remain in an ideal riding position which in turn improves horse’s response to them and their position within the saddle.


If you want to personalise your flex-on stirrups, they come equipped with magnets that are easily added or removed as desired. Available in various colours and designs, these magnets fit tightly into slots built into both Green Composite and Aluminium models so they can easily be removed when required.

Stirrups crafted from aerospace grade aluminium are exceptionally light yet strong and comfortable, featuring elastomer springs for maximum grip, and Ultra Grip inclined tread for increased traction – features which make these stirrups perfect for competitive equestrian riders. A detachable arm on the outside of each stirrup also reduces risk of injury quickly and easily allowing quick reset.

These stirrups are an excellent choice for all disciplines and will enhance your riding experience. Their soft elastomer springs provide cushioned support, while the angled treads promote correct foot positioning. Plus, these stirrups are easy to keep clean – simply use water or soap.

These stirrups were developed in France and are suitable for multiple disciplines, including showjumping, cross country riding, endurance eventing and dressage. Furthermore, their shock-absorbing properties make them the best at relieving joint stress. According to Sport Controle’s study on this matter, flex-on stirrups were determined as being superior in improving riders posture while relieving joint strain.


The Safe-On Stirrups combine comfort, performance, and safety into one package. Their spring steel, single branch frame provides greater stability. Available for adults as well as children of various sizes. In case of a fall, their outer branch opens to reduce injuries by setting rider feet free – activated when their weight presses against it – before being manually reset afterwards.

Flex-On Stirrups are lightweight and feature an Ultra Grip tread with metal spikes that grips tightly onto riders boots for exceptional support and joint shock prevention. Elastomer springs and an angled design of the footrest also ensure greater stability for riders.

These features have all been validated through scientific studies and research, such as kinematic and accelerometer analyses that demonstrate that flex-on stirrups reduce muscle work while helping maintain good saddle position – as evidenced by riders subjective comments as well as reduced sore knees and ankles.

Magnet Personalisation Stickers allow you to add a personal touch to your Flex-On stirrups easily and quickly, and are available in an assortment of colours and designs, including country flags.

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