Does a Gel Pad Go Under the Saddle Pad?

Gel saddle pads provide extra comfort for your horse by absorbing shock, spreading weight evenly and helping prevent back soreness.

Gel pads are an effective solution for horses suffering from back or conformation issues, relieving pressure points, decreasing pinching and helping prevent white marks caused by saddle rubs.


Gel pads can make riding more comfortable by providing additional cushioning, but finding the appropriate one for yourself can be challenging. There is a wide selection of sizes and shapes of gel pads on the market; selecting one that fits well will ensure maximum effectiveness; however, choosing too small will likely fail and possibly slip out during rides while too large pads could increase pressure on your back and cause additional discomfort.

Thickness of gel pads also plays a part in their effectiveness. A thin pad won’t provide adequate support for your ischial bones and won’t offer any advantages over thicker pads; thicker ones provide much more cushioning and support; for optimal results, your pad should ideally match that of your saddle in terms of thickness.

Finally, be mindful of any special instructions included with your gel pad. Some models require you to wet it before use; others don’t. Also make sure that it is stored away safely when it is not being used – this will keep it from becoming damaged and ensure its longevities.


Gel pads can provide cushion for the back of your horse when riding. They help distribute weight evenly and reduce soreness from soreness caused by sore spots on their backs, while some models even contain anti-fungal properties to ensure your horse remains comfortable and free from infection. Furthermore, many gel pads feature durable materials that are easy to clean as well as being breathable to reduce moisture and sweat build-up during their rides.

Some gel pads are made to fit directly beneath a saddle while others can go underneath regular saddle pads. The Acavallo Massage Gel Pad, for instance, features unique pillar-shaped elements which massage your horse’s back as you ride – in addition to offering anti-slip properties and cushioning against shock absorption features.

Gel pads can help enhance the fit of your saddle and add cushioning for your horse’s back, especially those with sensitive backs. There are different shapes and sizes of gel pads, so be sure to choose one that meets all of your horse’s needs.

As part of your research into selecting a gel pad, price should also be an important factor. Although they can be costly, investing in comfort for your horse’s wellbeing should always be worth your while – just keep in mind they require regular maintenance if possible and choose one within your budget.


There are various saddle pads on the market marketed as being able to reduce pressure points, warm back muscles and improve saddle fit. Some are made from natural materials like sheepskin while others may feature synthetic or wool felt constructions. Others feature foams either open cell or closed cell that have memory or gel capabilities and come in various shapes sizes and colors; many also come equipped with shims that should help fill gaps on a horse’s back while shifting the saddle forward or backward slightly.

These shims are meant to redistribute the weight of riders, yet can actually create edge conditions which result in pressure point sores on a horse’s back when placed too far forward or sidewards.

There are pads crafted from medical-grade silicone polymers that resemble human fat tissue in terms of physical properties. These gel-like materials absorb shock quickly before returning back to its original form quickly; molding it to fit any saddle, the padding has an extremely low profile (just 1/2in/13 mm) height to maintain original seating dimensions while evenly disbursing weight distribution across its entirety.


Gel pads offer many benefits to horses. They can help even out pressure points, prevent pinching and rubbing, allow more freedom of movement, absorb shocks and vibrations effectively, which may be especially helpful for horses with back issues or that are susceptible to injuries, enhance rider comfort and help avoid saddle slippage.

When selecting a gel pad for your horse, make sure it’s latex-free and provides a cooling effect. Also ensure the gel is not too thin as this could become uncomfortable for them. Lastly, pick out one that’s fire retardant.

Impact Gel saddle pads are among the most beloved on the market, created by two highly experienced horsemen in Wisconsin, USA and handmade to create its unique gel formula made of soya beans – eco-friendly! Additionally, its unique shape equalizes pressure points under your saddle for greater balance, equalizing pressure points to provide equalization of pressure points and balance under it. Specifically designed to be lightweight yet comfortable and durable – perfect for all disciplines of riding. Furthermore, their anti-friction properties reduce stress and friction under your saddle for greater freedom under your saddle!






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