Coloured Horses For Sale

coloured horses for sale

Coloured horses exhibit a range of coat colors, including palomino, cremello and buckskin. Furthermore, there are different coat patterns such as pintos, skewbalds and duns.

Genetic makeup of horses plays a huge role in their color output. Black horses can either be homozygous (carry two copies of the gene) or heterozygous (carry one copy), and breeding a heterozygous mare with a grey stallion will produce foals which are 50% grey.


People often select horses based on color alone when making a decision about purchasing one, which explains why we see so many brightly-marked horses at auction yards and private sales. Unfortunately, many of these horses were bred solely for color instead of training soundness or temperament.

Graves stated that with the completion of the equine genome came new opportunities for geneticists to identify mutations affecting base coat colors and spotting patterns, according to Graves. She discussed basic color mutations which either fall under either dominant (one copy is needed to produce certain appearance) or recessive categories; both can produce certain traits when two copies of genes are present in cells.

Chestnut is the most prevalent base coat color found on horses. This coat hue is caused by the agouti gene, which dilutes body pigment while leaving mane and tail black. Chestnut can range in hue from golden brown to blood red and is famously represented by racehorses Seabiscuit and Khemosabi.

She noted that the tobiano spotting pattern is her laboratory’s most frequently performed genetic test, producing horses with white patches overlaid on their base coat, often featuring white legs and broken toplines – it can be found among both Paint horses as well as Trakhener and Icelandic breeds. The dun gene can lighten both chestnut and bay hues to produce red duns with reddish points known as claybank duns or even lighten black bodies to produce mousy grey body colors with black points – it can even transform black bodies into mousy grey body colors with black points known as grullo.


Color can be an important consideration when purchasing horses bred for specific uses; however, disposition, training, soundness and performance should take precedence in evaluating horses for sale. Many mainstream horse breeds, such as American Quarter Horses and Tennessee Walking Horses, include palomino or pinto patterns among their ranks; moreover there exist color breed registries dedicated to Appaloosas, Buckskins and Palomino horses to increase breeding stock value further. In some instances double registration can increase value.

Ponies are beloved animals bred specifically for their vibrant appearances and friendly dispositions, known for being great riding mounts regardless of rider skill level and goal setting. Ponies make excellent starter or advanced riding horses depending on rider goals and experience levels alike.

Paint horses are best known for their distinctive coats that bear vivid markings, yet these intelligent animals also possess admirable physical traits which have long been utilized in competition riding events.

Palominos can be easily distinguished from each other with coats ranging from light champagne to deep gold; their white manes and tails enhance their striking beauty, and these horses are in high demand for TV/film work as well as equestrian displays.


Horse breeding and training can be an extremely lucrative venture for those willing to invest both time and money into it. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for everyone; training takes commitment, time, sweat, tears – but good trainers can make a living from it!

If you are new to training horses and have the time and dedication required, buying a project horse may be right for you. A project could mean anything from an untrained green gelding just learning how to ride, to one with behavioral issues such as cribbering or being scared of clippers – these horses may require extra care from their owner before being ready for riding.

There are various projects available from different sellers. When searching, keep these points in mind when searching: color, breed and special features such as 3 or more white stockings or smaller ears can quickly narrow your list down considerably; temperament intelligence and conformation qualities also need to be taken into consideration when narrowing down your choices.