Choosing Colors For Different Types of Horses

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In the world of show horse competition, it takes more than just a decent turnout and an all-right ride to win your class. The right colors and patterns can help create an impression that makes a lasting impact. The key is to select a color that complements your horse’s coat and tack.

As you begin to shop for show apparel, determine what the predominate color of your horse’s coat is and use this to choose your colors. Color is more than just a visual element; it also conveys emotion. If you want your horse to look regal, try royal blue, purple or green; for a playful attitude opt for brighter jewel tones such as this season’s bold Monaco Blue.

If your horse’s coat veers toward a warm shade of brown such as chestnut or sorrel, consider using complementary colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel. Blues, greens, pinks and even earth tone colors such as rust or tan will flatter the colors in their coat.

A bay can vary in shade from a cool, blue-gray with no red to a rich mahogany with red highlights. A dark bay will look best with cooler, blue and green shades but may also work with warmer blues, purples and earth tones such as burgundy. For a light bay, blues, greens and even pastel shades such as lavender, periwinkle and mossy green will work well with their coloring.

White horses are very versatile and can be worn with a wide range of colors. A light dapple white will look great with a range of blues and greens but may not work with warmer reds or oranges. Darker shades of white tend to minimize the horse while lighter shades of white highlight their features.

Palomino and buckskin horses have the flexibility to wear most colors but are especially attractive in cool blues and greens such as this season’s luscious Monaco Blue. They also work with earth tones including the in-trend hues Linen and Copper Nude.

A pinto can be difficult to match with tack and clothing but it is possible to create a stunning effect by combining cool earth tones and jewel tones such as African Violet and Poppy Red. A dappled pinto can also look striking with navy blue or even black, which looks beautiful on this type of coat. If you decide to use black for your horse’s outfit, consider a metallic or sparkly trim that adds a touch of flair and accentuates the dapples.