Children’s Horse Riding Body Protector

Children’s Horse Riding Body Protector

Decathlon offers an extensive range of children’s horse riding equipment for sale, such as body protectors for safe horseback riding.

Fit is essential when it comes to safety and comfort, so look for vests with front zips and adjustable lace sides for optimal results.


Body protectors provide children with essential protection in the event they fall off a horse. Designed to cushion impact upon landing and provide snugness without hindering mobility, these vests come with various levels of protection to accommodate different riding disciplines as well as different sizes to provide a comfortable experience.

To ensure that your child has an appropriate body protector size, measure their chest circumference, shoulder width and waist-shoulder height before consulting the chart on the tag to find an ideal size. Once found, try on and fasten any adjustable straps until a secure fit has been confirmed; finally sit in a saddle imitating all possible riding positions to check back length – making sure it does not interfere with any fence crossings while not pushing upward near their necks.

Tipperary Eventer Vest is an exceptional body protector designed to safeguard children against falls. Equipped with dual-density padding and shock absorption for reduced force of impacts and avoidance of back injuries. Furthermore, this lightweight vest boasts a breathable lining to reduce sweating as well as side lacing for adjustable comfort – meeting European and BETA safety standards in the process.


An effective body protector should mold to your child’s shape for maximum comfort while riding, using breathable fabric and padding with adjustable panels to allow free movement.

When selecting the ideal body protector for your child, start by reviewing its size chart. Try on various models until one fits securely over their body; fasten adjustable straps as necessary until velcro markers on orange Velcro markers have been completely covered by body protector. Finally, sit on their saddle and ensure its back length won’t interfere with their riding position over a fence.

Airowear Outlyne body protector models feature angled straps to fit children’s shoulders more securely, helping reduce pressure on the neck during falls. Furthermore, this body guard disperses energy efficiently so as to lessen high-speed impacts more effectively than its competitors.


Child horse riding body protectors are essential safety gear, serving to protect ribs and spine in case of falls and reduce impact from kicks or falls. Regular replacement should be considered necessary, particularly after significant impacts occur.

Body protectors that provide optimal protection should be BETA Level 3 certified, signifying that they offer exceptional levels of coverage for competition riders and people working with horses. Furthermore, CE Kitemark certification should also be present – this ensures that garment covers its intended areas without gaps between foam panels, making use safe.

Look for a body protector with flexible padding that moves with the rider during an accident to maintain mobility and flexibility. A secure fastening, such as zip ties or buckles can help secure mobility as will clips or laces depending on its style of protection.

Establish your back length by sitting on a saddle and making sure there is at least a hand’s width between your seat and the base of the body protector in the back. Frontal coverage should reach beyond breast bone top and cover approximately 2.5cm of the bottom rib at mid-chest but should not cover belly button.


A childs horse riding body protector must be durable to withstand daily use. Furthermore, it must fit snugly for maximum comfort and safety; most riders wear them over lightweight clothing like ventilated riding shirt or jersey. Make sure that when purchasing, referring to the size chart on its tag is used and fasten any adjustable straps securely in order to achieve snug fitting. It’s also important to sit on a saddle to check that its back length won’t interfere with jumping over drop fences.

An effective body protector must dissipate the impact of falls while protecting ribcages, shoulders and backs from trauma. Ideally made from lightweight foam that conforms to the rider’s shape while remaining breathable to reduce sweating – ideal for riders of all levels, including juniors and children.

An annual check should be performed to make sure a childs horse riding body protector remains in good condition, free from dents or compression and free from tears and frayed laces. Furthermore, it should be kept clean and dry and stored away from artificial heat sources – should it become wet or dirty, it should be hung to air dry prior to being used again.