Cartoon Characters With Sleepy Features

Cartoon characters depicting sleepy features are symbols of peace and security. Additionally, these cartoons emphasize the significance of rest. Bring these cartoon characters to your banner, website or poster projects for added relaxation and restful sleep!

American comics feature the convention that one letter can represent any sound, leading to its use as the onomatopoeia for snoring, Zzz. Over time, this association between sound and letter has come to signify sleeping.

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is the central character in long-running American animated sitcom The Simpsons and was voiced by Dan Castellaneta. Homer embodies various working class characteristics including dumbwittedness, laziness and explosive anger.

He is the clumsy, fat, beer-drinking husband of Marge Simpson and father to their mischievous children Bart and Lisa. Homer has held over 188 different jobs over his 188 year career – such as safety inspector at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant or professional wrestler.

Homer Simpson is one of the most iconic characters in American culture and an icon. Despite his absurd behavior, Homer is revered as part of American society; even his catchphrase “D’oh!” has become part of everyday English vocabulary. Groening intentionally created Homer with hairline depicting an “M” and beardline forming an “G”, all as intentional visual clues for viewers.

Lazy Smurf

Lazy Smurf stands out in an otherwise busy Smurf world by his devotion to restful napping. Known for his humorous yet endearing commitment, this Smurf can often be found seeking out the ideal spot for him to rest his tired head. His dedication and zest for leisure offer an entertaining yet admirable perspective on leisure time.

Sweepy Smurf is a chimney sweep with a British accent similar to Dick Van Dyke in Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins. He wears a black hat and uniform while carrying his own broom. Unfortunately, Sweepy has an unpleasant body odor which attracts flies causing discomfort among his Smurf friends, particularly Smurfette.

Gourdy is a cheerful Smurf who always sees the bright side. However, his forgetfulness sometimes gets him into trouble; for instance when he accidentally made Slouchy become larger-than-normal size and had to wish him back down again.


Sleepy is a constantly yawning dwarf who seems always ready for a nap. While his appearance and demeanor suggest laziness, Sleepy actually has many redeeming qualities; for example, he’s the only dwarf to recognize when Snow White is being attacked by forest animals.

Sleepy’s delayed reactions often lead to unfortunate accidents, like accidentally striking himself with a hammer while trying to catch a fly. Yet he remains one of the seven dwarfs who is considered most logical and perceptive.

He’s a much-beloved character, appearing both in the film and at Disney Parks for meet-and-greets and meet-and-greets. A mainstay at Disneyland’s Festival of Fantasy Parade and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Christmas time, he even makes an appearance during Fantasmic! as part of its bubble montage sequence!


Flower is a sleepy cartoon character who quickly won over viewers of Bambi in the forest. His calming nature inspires peace and relaxation among viewers while reminding them that it’s OK to enjoy nap time and take time for self-care.

Royalty-free clipart of a sleeping daffodil flower in the sun. This black and white cartoon illustration can be scaled to any size to meet your design projects’ requirements.

Homer Simpson and Snorlax’s relatable lethargy and strength in restfulness make these nap enthusiasts beloved icons for audiences worldwide. Reminding people to take some time for themselves and enjoy those relaxing moments despite life’s pressures, these characters serve as reminders to take a break and relax despite busy lives; also giving encouragement that it is possible to find serenity amid busy schedules.

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is one of the more outgoing characters from Charlie Brown and Friends. An athletic tomboy, she enjoys figure skating and harbors a deep love for Charlie Brown who, although her grades may be subpar at times, excels at sports.

She is well known for dozing off during class, even visiting a narcolepsy clinic to be examined. Yet despite this poor academic performance, she remains positive and does not fear speaking her mind.

She sports light brown medium-length hair with straight bangs and wears a green shirt with black vertical stripes and pants; in the TV special “She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown”, she dons a costume to represent figure skating competition.

Winnie the Pooh

The yellow, honey-loving bear of Hundred Acre Wood has become an internationally beloved character. He brings gentle humor and deep understanding for his fellow animals in the forest.

Pooh Bear has long been seen as an emblem of friendship since he was created by illustrator Ernest Shepard in the early 1900s. Christopher Robin chose the name Pooh in reference to both a real black bear in which his teddy bear is named and also due to seeing one while on holiday.

Pooh is joined in his adventures by Eeyore, an unhappy donkey; Piglet, the timid pig; Gopher the mischievous rabbit; Owl who pontificates over all matters; Kanga the energetic kangaroo who harbors curious baby Roo in her pouch and Kanga the energetic kangaroo who always has something enticing him in her pouch – the movie version was first shown on movie screens in 1977.


Paddi is one of the cartoon characters most prone to sleeping during classes and often found dozing off during lectures. One of his first targets of Wolffy, Paddi has the unfortunate habit of falling asleep unexpectedly and can often be found sleeping somewhere unexpected. Yet despite all this he remains amongst the smartest of goats with incredible luck on his side!

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’s Pleasant Goat accidentally swallows a weather fruit seed, giving him the ability to produce different types of weather fruit by sweating, snoring or breathing.

He’s an intimidating force in battle and holds strong ties with Weslie and Tibbie as “Brother Weslie” and “Sister Tibbie,” whom he addresses affectionately as his siblings. Though generally lazy in character, he’s capable of rising to any challenge when required.

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