Betting Online on the French Elections

France will hold one of this spring’s most significant elections when they vote to elect a president; polls predict young, charismatic Emmanuel Macron may win against far right candidate Marine Le Pen.

However, this election campaign has been contentious and contentious; social-media users view Emmanuel Macron as representing outgoing President Hollande and associated him with liberalising reforms that many French voters oppose.


Futures bets offer another form of betting; futures betting predicts that an event or candidate will occur in the future and can often be found at online sportsbooks. To increase your odds of success when placing futures bets, stay abreast of political news so that your decision on who to bet on is informed and increases your odds of victory.

Current French President Emmanuel Macron is widely considered the favorite in this race; however, Marine Le Pen, member of the National Rally Party is his main competitor. Each candidate offers their own set of ideas and policies they hope to implement once elected; however, there could be factors preventing either from winning this election.

scandal can be the primary force at work against candidates’ campaigns, eroding any chance they had of becoming elected. Additionally, economic conditions play a big part in how voters vote; when things get rough they may favor an opposing candidate more readily.


French elections are an eventful, exciting process and there’s always plenty of betting action on offer. Candidates tend to run long campaigns that emphasize their political ideologies – making an informed decision on what bets may prove successful easier. Staying abreast of news and polling data will help make informed choices when placing bets.

Once you have identified your bookmaker of choice and selected “Politics Betting”, search their site for an option called “Politics Betting” before entering your bet amount. Be sure to also take into consideration their payment methods; these could play an integral part of making your choice.

Apart from wagering on the outcome of an election, prop bets offer many more exciting possibilities. From betting on whether Macron can form a majority to wagering whether the elections will produce a split parliament, these bets can make betting fun and rewarding; just be sure to review odds from each site before deciding!

Sites to use

Finding a trustworthy site when betting on political events like the 2022 French presidential election or other political activities is essential. The ideal betting sites will boast high payout rates across their markets and allow for early cash outs of winnings before an event concludes; to gauge fairness you can check its odds against those offered by other bookmakers.

Odds can be straightforward to comprehend, with most online bookies providing clear odds for every fixture. Many even provide an odds checker to give an exact idea of your return on every bet placed – making this an effective way of assessing if an offer is worth taking or not, helping avoid money wasted on unwise choices.

Polling data can be an invaluable asset when betting on political events, helping bettors determine which candidates to support and which to back. But be wary that polling figures don’t always accurately depict reality – making it crucial that bettors find an established website offering real-time polling updates that can be trusted.

BetOnline stands out as the go-to choice when it comes to political betting sites due to their wide market coverage and outstanding customer support. They cover elections worldwide – Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France and the US are just some of their popular areas – while providing access to one of the largest selections of bets possible with a welcome bonus worth up to $1,000 and an attractive rollover rate.

How to place a bet

Election time means candidates spend much of their time campaigning and providing voters with reasons why they should elect them, while outlining policies they plan to implement if elected. Media coverage often gives an idea of public opinion regarding candidates, while polling data can help inform your betting choices in elections.

Bets on party winners are one of the most common types of election bets available from online bookies, making this an easy bet to place. All it takes to get this one going is picking your political party of choice and selecting an amount you would like to bet before clicking “Place bet”; your wager will then appear in your betting slip.

BetOnline stands out among election betting sites by offering an expansive selection of election markets, making them one of the best betting platforms available for this event. Their coverage of European markets is impressive and their welcome bonus offers low rollover conditions that make clearing one of the simplest options. MyBookie also offers extensive election market options but their odds tend to fluctuate more often than those found with BetOnline.

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