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Barrel racing is an intense, high-stakes sport where any fraction of a second can determine who emerges victorious. Finding an appropriate horse to match their level of expertise and physical requirements is of critical importance when starting out in barrel racing.

Although Quarter Horses may be the breed of choice among barrel racers, it’s wise to remain open-minded towards other breeds.

1. Gun Slinger

Gunslingers are skilled gunmen from the Old West. In popular culture, gunslingers can often be found engaging in duel or gunfight scenarios and may be considered either heroes or outlaws depending on who they’re fighting with. Gunslingers typically carry a sidearm for fast draws.

Flashy tricks with their pistols include quick reloads or unplanned trick shots; cinema’s depiction of gunslingers usually depicts them engaging in a showdown at high noon between two evenly-matched gunslingers; however, most gunmen preferred taking an approach more tailored towards practicality; they weren’t out to impress their fellow gunslingers but to kill them instead!

Modern society refers to this character type as a Cowboy; however, other variations include Drifters or Samurai Gunners. Cowboys appear frequently in genres such as Westerns, Film Noir and Heroic Bloodshed films, representing American warrior culture abroad. A parallel version is found in The Dark Tower series where Spider Monster takes on this role with its mission being to prevent All-World from “moving on”, meaning collapse of humanity as well as reality itself.

2. Royal Fletch

Royal Fletch was an NCHA Open Futurity Champion, Equi-Stat #1 Cutting Money-Earner as a 3-year old and an NRCHA Million Dollar Sire from 1980 until 2007. He was sired by Jae Bar Fletch who held both open and non-pro championships before siring Royal Blue Dually who became an All Time Leading Cutting Producer of Royal Fletch’s progeny.

Royal Fletch’s dam, Natural Fletch, won an NCHA Limited Non-Pro Derby title and two Super Stakes races before multiple top AQHA finishes in barrel racing. Her offspring have gone on to earn over $1.9 Million.

This mare is an outstanding all-around prospect for the future. She’s already been shown in barrels and poles competitions, while she could easily compete in halter classes as well. Plus she’s super safe to ride! Get in touch today for a delivery quote.

3. Ondelay

The best barrel horses can quickly sprint towards a barrel, make a fast turn around it, and return quickly back to their gates. These horses must be agile with powerful hindquarters for momentum when making turns; in addition, they should be capable of recovering from errors without losing speed or losing momentum during turns or jumps. Although some might believe certain breeds of horses are better suited for barrel racing than others, any horse with the appropriate training and temperament can thrive at barrel racing – both mares and geldings have shown similar successes!

This AQHA filly was sired by Jets Smashin Cash, an accomplished 1D barrel horse. She is quick, sturdy and easily started under saddle. Her dam won money in open rodeos of North Texas where this filly’s siblings all competed successfully both 2D and Open rodeo events.

4. PC Frenchman

This mare’s pedigree showcases the history of rodeo and barrel racing horses. Her three-quarter brother Frenchmans Guy (Flit Drift x Marthas Six Moons) has qualified multiple times for National Finals of Barricade while her grandmother Casey’s Charm was mother of the iconic Bozo.

Frances Loiseau’s daughter and daughter-in-law both compete at professional levels, including Cindy Loiseau who placed second at the South Dakota state barrel race championship on Frenchmans DoxDakota (by Boon Dox John and Caseys Charm, making him Sun Frost’s half brother).

This gelding is well-trained and consistently performs inside or out. His standard time has been recorded at 18 seconds on standards and 21-22 on second poles, though he could go faster. Additionally, this head horse features strong breaks and turns. Ideal as either someone’s main mount or as youth/high school rodeo backup horse; also an excellent choice for experienced riders seeking to advance their career further – and is eligible for inclusion on AQHA Performance Register of Merit!

5. Shazoom

Barrell Racing is one of the most exciting rodeo events, requiring both athleticism and skill in equal measures. Achieve success requires years of hard work from both horse and rider; only then is one entitled to call themselves barrel racers.

Golf requires speed, agility and precision to navigate around three stacked barrels in a cloverleaf pattern without knocking them down or incurring time penalties. Achieve this requires both strong partnership between horse and rider as well as intense communication between them both.

Modern breeders of barrel horses are ambitious individuals with set goals in mind who take great pleasure in getting “down and dirty” when preparing themselves and their horses for competition, before entering the arena to perform gracefully and with determination in an attempt to set a fast time. Barrel racers require their horses to have enough stamina to go from event to event; those that cannot meet this standard do not deserve to be called barrel horses.

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