Andalusier kaufen schweiz

andalusier kaufen schweiz

The Andalusian Stute (Spanish Horse) is a noble breed of ibero-american horses. They are very elegant, sensitive and intelligent horses with great leaping power. They are suitable for all kinds of riding, dressage and show. The muskulosen Korperbau makes them particularly suited as Reit- and Dressurpferde. They also serve as educational aids. For children from 3 years. Made of plastic.

I have legereife junge Huhner zu verkaufen: Weisse, Braune, Schwarz Silver, Schwanz Gold, Sperber, Sussex. Different colours, gross auswal.

Please call or send an e-mail if you are interested. I will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you! Pferdebesitzer in Nordwestschweiz